We took all the boys on a trip to Kansas this weekend to visit my family. It really went better than we could have expected. I located a park in a town about halfway between here and there (thank you, Google!) and we stopped and let the boys run around a little bit each way. I think it helped even though both times it was over 90 degrees outside. Blech! It is about 5-5.5 hours in the car both ways so that is kind of a long time for little kids to be in the car. My husband put some movies on his Netbook (read: mini lap top) and was able to strap it to the top of C's seat and since he is rear-facing he was able to watch some movies. It worked out pretty well.

We all slept in the same room. My grandparents put the entire family up in the downtown Marriott which was suhweet. Our room was HUGE so the kids had plenty of room to run around and be crazy. We brought lots of toys and books but of course their favorite things to do were playing with the booster seat with the tray we brought or going in and out of the closet with sliding doors. Kids, I tell ya! We brought the pack-n-play for Y to sleep in, but found out after we got there that the hotel actually has cribs you can borrow. Who knew?? The first night C and D shared one of the beds, but C was up until 10 p.m. playing with his sheets, poking D, and just generally being a huge pain in the bum. So the second night we pushed two big armchairs together front to front so they made a little bed that was just the perfect size for him and he slept in that like a champ.

Anyway they all did pretty well. My family all loved them which was nice. I didn't get to spend a lot of time with my cousins or anything because it's hard to hang out with people who have no kids and have two little loud kids. So that was kind of a bummer, this is my first real taste of seriously altering what I would normally do because I have kids. But most of the time the kids in my family were at the bar or otherwise drinking so I probably wouldn't have gone with them for very long anyway. I used to have a bit of a drinking problem and I haven't drank any alcohol in years, and I'm not sure how well I would handle being around a bunch of drunk people! More and more I am feeling much more older than I actually am. I definitely felt like I fit in a lot more with the older generations than with the family that was my age. But, I digress.

The car ride home was a little worse than the car ride back because Y was tired and wouldn't fall asleep in the car. This morning they both slept late (til almost 7:30, hooray!), Y took a morning nap, and C actually fell asleep at about 11 after having many, many temper tantrums this morning. And then I put Y down for a second nap at 12:30! So, there is lots of sleeping going on.

Their mom cancelled their visit today. She missed the one on Saturday because we were out of town. It was supposed to be rescheduled but of course it never was (that's her deal to do, not mine). Our kids are not involved in any scheduled activities right now so their schedule is WIDE OPEN but whatever. It was super sad because we didn't get the call about it being canceled until about 10:00 (which is about when the boys usually leave) so I had gotten them all ready to go. When I was putting C's shoes on he said "Wanna leave!" and I said "Yes, you're going to leave to go to your mommy's house" and he said "Go mommy's house?" and didn't cry or anything like he usually does. So I'm pretty sure he was disappointed which is probably part of the reason for all of the tantrums this morning. This is the first time he has actually not cried when I told him he was going to go see his mom. I won't talk about how I feel about her canceling the visit, at the risk of sounding, you know, bitter. :)


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