Not Me Monday

These are some of the things I definitely did NOT do this week.

I certainly did NOT double over in laughter when C, who was in the middle of an all-out tantrum, suddenly paused and pointed to his eye. "Ow! My eye huwt!" I did not continue laughing for several minutes over this.

During a separate tantrum event (this one was due to the fact that unfortunately lunch does not magically appear, and I have to spend 5-10 minutes actually making it), I did not allow my husband to video tape said tantrum. We most certainly did not watch it and laugh about it, and then watch it at fast speed again and laugh at it some more.

I definitely did not leave during nap time (while the babies AND my husband were napping) and take D and one of his friends to the grocery store with me and get irritated when they had to look at 100 million things. I realize that tween boys certainly do not know nor understand the definition of "hurry", even though I explained to them that we needed to get back before the babies woke up from their nap.

When we returned from said shopping trip, I most certainly did not demand that they bring in the groceries while I baked a cake for a get-together that evening (which we certainly did NOT need to leave for in 2 hours). No, I plan much more ahead than that I definitely do not fly by the seat of my pants at any given time.

During said cake-making, I certainly did not allow my 14 month old to cry in his crib for 5 minutes or so while I finished up the cake and got it into the oven. No, his needs are my number one priority at all times and I would never be so selfish as to want to accomplish a task without being interrupted.

When it was time to leave, I did not dutifully pack the diaper bag with diapers and sippy cups, pack a crate of toys, and gather all of the cake-finishing requirements (the cake was certainly NOT too hot to frost still; after all, I did plan ahead!)...and subsequently leave the diaper bag at home and forget to bring our high-chair for Y. No, this would never happen to me.

I certainly did not decide not to bring anything for Y to eat at the event. After all, there would be hot dogs and probably some veggie sides that he would love, like baked beans and such...right?

When it was time to eat at said event, I certainly did not hold Y on my lap while he ate, only to give up in frustration as he grabbed everything in sight, threw food on the floor, and kept grabbing the plate. We then did not borrow Melissa's high chair and also some of the food she brought for her son.

Meantime, while I was holding Y and trying to make sure he ate, I did not miss out on all the burgers and hot dogs. I certainly did not eat bread, chips & salsa, watermelon, and cake for dinner last night. No no, not me. Like I always say, I always try to eat as healthily as possible.

The majority of this was all in one day. Aren't all the things I did NOT do incredible??? :)


  1. lol, sounds like you have a very busy life! :)

  2. lol... we tried that whole...."feeding S on my lap" thing at the amusement park this past weekend......

    It worked out about as well as yours did!

  3. oh Brynn, you crack me up. Despite it all, you come off with such grace I'd hardly know you'd had such a crazy day!

  4. Hey there,

    Saw your blog on MckMama's site and thought I would pay a visit. This post is too funny...I enjoyed reading it.

    Please come by whenever you can and visit me too. I would appreciate it so very much.

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