Not me...Sunday

Because hey, some funny things have happened lately and who knows if I'll remember on Monday!

I have not told two-year-old C several times in the past few days "Can you stop talking now please?" No, I love it when he asks the same question or makes the same statement over, and over, and over, and over, even after it has been answered/acknowledged at least 10 times ("Where Bi at?" "he's at work" "Work?" "yes, work" "Where Bi at" or maybe "I hungee!" "Ok get in your chair and we'll have a snack" "I hungeeee" "I hungeeee!"). It's quite soothing to the soul and does not try my patience even one tiny bit.

I did not nearly go into happy tears when Y finished his night-time bottle and snuggled in to me and fell promptly asleep tonight. No no, I am not so sentimental as that!

I did not nearly pee myself laughing when C put Y's shorts on his head and proceeded to walk around for a half hour like that as if it was the coolest thing in the world.

My husband did not give the little boys the Best Buy ad from the newspaper today...and it did not keep them amused for 30 minutes while I was cleaning up the kitchen and washed dishes. I also did not pick up 100 tiny pieces of ad from my living room floor. No, we have REAL toys in this house. They're good ones, too! :o)

I did not nearly burst my buttons in pride when Y climbed/walked unassisted up about 6 or 7 stairs on a big-kid jungle gym at the park, went to the top of the slide, and slid down all by himself multiple times (both on his bottom and his belly!). No, it's really no big deal. Kids do that sort of thing all the time. :)

I did not get up every night this week at least once with my 14 month old. No, he sleeps through the night. Soundly. For at least 11 hours. And one of those times I did NOT get up, I also did not finally get him out of bed in frustration and attempt to sleep with him on the couch. He did not then proceed to snore in my ear while he slept. I did not then attempt to move him back into his crib, at which point he did not immediately burst into tears and scream at the top of his lungs while the rest of the house was asleep. No, he is a very good baby. All the time.

The End! :)


  1. My husband did not spend all weekend building bunkbeds that neither of our girls slept in last night! One slept with me and one with him on the floor. (Your last one made me think of that.) Oh, and said girls never slept through the night till they were about 2. Joy.


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