Bad day

It has been a baaaaaad day. Both of the little boys spent basically the entire morning crying. C wanted to be held pretty much 24/7 and cried and screamed when I put him down. Let's face it, it is simply impossible for me to carry around 26+ pounds of dead weight the entire day as well as take care of myself and the other people in the family. He had to sit in time-out four times for throwing things because he got mad (normally because he was mad at ME, the resident bad-guy). It's raining, which means no going outside. The visit got canceled for the second day in a row. Nap time today started at 11:30 (normally wouldn't start til 1) because everyone was basically falling apart. Then at 12:30 a neighbor kid came over to see if D was home and proceeded to BANG on the door with all his might, which caused the dogs to bark, which therefore woke up the babies, who both screamed their brains out. AAAAHHHHH.

At some point today I have to take D to his school to get enrolled because they finally got his schools switched. Husband is gone from home until after 5 today so that means I get to take the little boys with me...which is going to be LOADS of fun I'm sure. On top of ALL of that, D is being a total turd. He got pissed at me for all of the following things today:

* Not letting him get C out of bed when he woke up (D's way of getting him out of bed is bursting into the room and yelling "Get up, big head!" which is just what every human being wants to hear in their waking moments and usually results in C bawling, which is an excellent way of starting the morning)
* Because I asked him to stop drumming on the table during nap time (cue "I hate being in foster care, this is so stupid/retarded," etc.)
* Not letting him hold Y while he was in his high chair eating (what the???)
* Not letting him sleep with Y (the 13 month old) for his nap time (which should last for let's see at least 2, possibly three hours - I'm confident D could not keep himself still/quiet for this length of time, and he is DEFINITELY not going to sleep in Y's crib with him!)
* He was holding both the boys while I made lunch, and when I went to get them for lunch Y was crying and C was looking at me, so I said "Time for lunch!" and grabbed Y...D proceeded to say "They were almost asleep!" which obviously they weren't if one was crying and one was looking at me! Then he proceeded to yell "I wish I could do that during YOUR nap time!" etc. What the heck?

He has also...
* Eaten off of Y's high chair tray during lunch (don't ask me why, I have no clue)
* Proceeded to pick C up while he was crying and put him into Y's crib (again, don't ask me why, I have no clue)
and I'm sure there are other things I'm forgetting.

I have no clue what is going on with this kid. No idea. I don't even know how to handle this behaviour. It's like he wants to help, but the things he does are totally not fact they are the OPPOSITE of helpful. Then if I ask him for help, he typically rolls his eyes and he may or may not do what I ask. I am so, SO glad that school is starting. I can not take another day of summer. Yesterday he wanted to learn how to knit so I changed my plans (was planning to work last night after the little boys went to bed) to accommodate him. I mean I seriously do try to be nice and helpful and talk to him and stuff. It's like all of these kids need 100% of my time and attention at all times and if I don't/can't give it the entire place just falls apart. Ugh.


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