Rough day

It was a hard day today. Y was not a good napper at ALL. He was whiny cry-baby-pee-pants all day long. He peed on the bed while I was changing him, which by the way I now TOTALLY understand why a changing table is important. So I got to wash the bedding again. He was super picky about his food and I was/am totally at my wits end. He loves something one day, and hates it the next. I try to give him a decent amount of variety but I swear the kid changes his mind all the time about what he likes! Frustrating to say the least. I know that is normal for that age but UGH.

Then while he was at his visit I had tons of running around to do - went to Target, the bank, the other bank, Bed Bath & Beyond, back to Target (found something cheaper at BB&B so returned the item I bought at Target). While I was out I got a call...Y's visit was cut short because his mom was vomiting and had diarrhea. I commend the mom for continuing with the visit even though she was sick, but I just REALLY hope it was something she ate and not something that she could've given to Y...and subsequently to everyone else at our house.

Then the Saturn, our 4 door car, is leaking TONS of anti-freeze, so my husband banished me from driving it. So when I went to pick up D, I had to load Y into the 2-door Acura (our only other vehicle). Obviously he had to sit in the back seat...and let me tell you, you have not lived until you try to put a car seat and a 20 pound infant into the back seat of a two door car and buckle him in safely...and then get him out when you arrive at your destination, then strap him back in again, and then get him out again when you get home!

Then after I got home I was trying to cook dinner, and Y was not wanting to eat at all, so he was screaming and running around and I was trying to deal with it by myself. He was in the living room and I had to get dinner out of the (extremely hot) oven...I wasn't going to grab him and take him into the kitchen because goodness knows he's probably try to crawl in the oven while it was open. Well, he managed to knock the baby gate at the top of the stairs over at the exact moment I was taking the food out of the oven. Thankfully he did not go down the stairs, just sat on his bum at the top of the stairs crying. Not sure exactly what happened but I WAS attempting to watch him...just too many things going on at once. I grabbed him and just started crying...oh man it was a bad day.

On the bright side, we bought a minivan with TWO sliding doors. Fancy! It is a 2002 Grand Caravan Sport. It's pretty nice. We were able to pay cash for it so that was awesome. I'm sorta scared about driving it. But VERY excited to be hauling kids around in that instead of the Saturn or the Acura. Woot!

D is going to have a friend spend the night tomorrow night. It's kind of nice because on Fridays he doesn't have sports camp so he just hangs around complaining of being now he will be able to play with his friend all day! We are also getting C tomorrow too. Not sure how well all of this will pan out but we'll just have to see how it goes. I talked to D's friends' mom and she seems like a straight shooter, and I already told D that if he and his friend give me any trouble I'm not afraid to take him back to his home no matter what time it is. And his friends' mom even volunteered to come get him if he's causing trouble! I think that's pretty cool.

So anyway...that was my day.


  1. What a day! I've had a few like this. No fun.
    The main reason we got our baby gate was so I could keep Levi out of the kitchen when the oven's on. I can't count the number of near-horrific-burns we've had.

    As far as stairs go, our baby gate instructions actually said that if the gate was going to be used above stairs you had to bolt it into the wall (hinge equipment included) on one side. If you don't, apparently the warrantee is void. I can see why too, because the tension can only hold for so long before I bump it too hard and it comes crashing down.

    HUGE congrats on the van. HUGE. I'm sure we'll end up with one some day but thanks for paving the way for us.

  2. Melissa, just thought I'd let you know we DID end up getting a new gate for the top of the stairs. I bought it yesterday morning, but no one had any time to put it in until after Y went to bed. Needless to say, Brian and D installed it last night. It is totally awesome and I am really happy that we have it now!

    I wish I could set up a baby gate to keep kids out of the kitchen! I could do it on one side, but not on the other. :( One of the bad things about a galley-style kitchen!


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