I will be so much happier tomorrow...

...when there are only 4 people living here again.

Tuesday night I got a phone call at 9 p.m. asking us if we would take an emergency placement of an 11 year old boy. It would only be for 3 days. All they knew about the kid was that he was 11 and he was a boy, that was it - no explanation of why he came into care, where he was coming from, what his home life was like, nothing. We said yes. I have no idea why. They sounded so desperate and honestly I felt bad for the kid, whoever he was. And I thought maybe since he was the same age as D they would get along and be friends and such. Suffice to say, we got a bit more than we bargained for. I want to be nice and also keep his information private...so I'm not going to say anymore. But I am glad that Friday is the last day we will have him. Whew.

Looks like they are still looking at July 1 to place C with us. I can't believe how quickly this month has gone, it's almost here!

I guess the boys' mom is pregnant, and is due in November. I haven't heard anything on whether she is expecting a boy or a girl. But today they asked us if we would be willing to consider caring for the infant, if the mom is not able to take him/her home from the hospital. I am really not sure if we can handle it, as young as Y is. If he was another year older I'd say that sure, that wouldn't be too bad...but having a (by then) 16 month old and a baby and a 2.5 year old (Y and C are 15 months apart)...just sounds scary. But we are keeping the option open. Honestly I really hope we can do it, just to keep the kids all together. I think the mom and the kids would appreciate it and I think it would be good for them.

And now Y is waking up from his nap so it is time to go. :)


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