First birthday party! And a third child added to the mix

Well, today is Y's first birthday. Yay! We only went to the store (and only went once, despite the fact that I forgot many things on my list - Brian assured me they were not necessary). Other than that, we stayed home and got to be home-bodies today. It was rather nice. Y took two really long naps of 1.5 hours each. I say "really long" only because his normal naps are about 30-45 minutes, if he gets one at all. Their visitation schedule is just really right in the middle of his nap times Mon-Thurs and it just makes things rather difficult. He was a very happy boy today and took a few steps unassisted which is always fun to watch. :) He also smashed his fingers in our entertainment center, which I THOUGHT had a safety latch thing on it...but the knobs are small enough that it can be pulled right off. Lesson learned (the hard way). :(

We had a little party for Y. We invited our Lifegroup people, plus my husband's parents and my parents and my dear running partner whom I love. :) I invited the boys' mom, but she said she felt it would be kind of weird to come for that. I can totally understand that, as I felt weird asking her to come, but it just seemed like it was the right thing to do. Y was a big hit, and after his initial shock at seeing so many new faces he settled in and had a good time. The "grandparents" just doted on him. He also ate basically an entire piece of cake and did not go to sleep until after 8 p.m., which is way past his usual bed time. But he really wasn't acting too tired, so maybe the extra long naps made him want to stay up a little bit later. I'm sure all the sugar had something to do with it too. :)

D played the computer the whole time. I really wanted to ask him to get off but I also didn't want to have a mini showdown in front of everyone. Lesson learned: next time, notify him that the computer will be off limits while we have company unless he asks permission to use it.

C, the 2 year old brother, came over to stay with us for the weekend. He doesn't like new things or new places or new people, so it was kind of hard for him. Poor little guy! He clung on to D and wouldn't even look at anyone for the longest time. We finally got him to eat some cake and drink some juice. D laid with him for a few minutes so that he could fall asleep. D and my husband are at a movie now...I just really hope that neither of the little ones wake up. They are sharing a room which is nice in some ways but makes me fear for any loud noises lest one of them start crying, and then the other starts crying...and here I am all alone with two crying boys, one of which doesn't even know or trust me yet. That would be just awful!

I never understood until now why moms get tired of being home. I would consider myself to be a home-body; I enjoy being at home and being a bit of a hermit. I am definitely not a social butterfly. But I can tell you that right now I am missing a little bit of my freedom. I'm missing the ability to go out and go for a run whenever I feel like it. I am missing having alone time with my husband, and I'm already thinking about when we can do some respite to go on a date. I feel like I never see him anymore, which is a combination of him working a ton and us having kids. I think/hope it will get better in the coming months, but we are self employed so he has to work when he can because sometimes there is no work to do.

My parents helped us buy a double jogging stroller off Craigslist. It looks like it's going to be a really nice one. The front wheel swivels but you can lock it as well; it has storage underneath, it has a little peek-a-boo window so that when you are pushing it you can look through the top of the canopy and check on the kids. We are going to use it as our all-the-time stroller. I really hope Y and C enjoy riding in it. I doubt C will enjoy much of anything until he gets used to us a little bit. He did let me hold him a little bit tonight without crying though, so that's a start I suppose!

Here's hoping tomorrow and the rest of the weekend goes well!


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