I can never think of good titles

...Because right now everything is just an update! Update, update, update. That's all I do. :)

Well the two boys came over this past week. They are both pretty good kids. The 11 year old is 5'2" which happens to be the exact height I am. It's kind of strange really, but he thinks it's quite hilarious. He is also a very good helper. When I was trying to get dinner cooked and the baby fed all at the same time (because my husband was working), D asked if he could help. He made dinner for the most part (hamburger helper, oh thank goodness for that!) and had said he had made it before.

The one year old is a darling. He is cuddly and loves to be held. He entertains himself quite well. He loves all of our dog toys, much more than he loves the toys that we actually have for babies. I don't really mind too much if he plays with them as long as he keeps them out of his mouth. You can guess how well that works out. :)

I did also find out that Y goes to day care every day from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. It breaks my heart for him! We made the decision to take him out of daycare, so he will be with us full time except for when he goes to visit his mom or if we need respite care or something. I just think it's so important for kids that little to have one person that they can bond with. They do get to see their mom for a total of I think 10 or 11 hours per week, so that's something, but it's still just not very much.

I'm slightly nervous about having Y home with me full time. I'm not nervous about caring for him - that, I am confident I can do! Even though I don't exactly know 100% what I'm doing, I have many people I can call and plus the wonderful internet that I can look things up on and figure stuff out. What makes me nervous is being able to get anything else done while I'm caring for him. :)

Most people who have a 1 year old have 1 year of previous experience in handling their children, plus however many months of pregnancy to research the methods and ideas and philosophies that they agree with and feel are appropriate. We have been thrust into this with very little experience with children this young. I am excited but more and more I am realizing how much there is to figure out.

D is going to be starting a sports day camp tomorrow that goes M-F 8-4 for I think 4 or 5 weeks. So I will only have the little one during the day for a while, though I will be responsible for transporting D to and from his camp. Then at night all the kids will be home.

We are getting the boys again on Tuesday until Wednesday. Then after that we are looking at having them finally placed with us on Friday, but maybe sooner. I ran a marathon yesterday, and I have many, many things to do before Tuesday. And let me tell you - I don't feel like doing anything at all! Kind of bad timing, but what can you do?

Oh we also met C, the 2 year old. We just got to see him for a few minutes. He is terrified of our dog and he cried quite a bit. She's a really nice dog. She doesn't bark or anything, but she can be a little exhuberant when she initially meets people. But you can't really explain that to a 2 year old!

We're looking at getting a double jogging stroller that doubles as a bike trailer. Most I have seen carry up to 100 pounds of children in them, so we will be able to use it for a long time (that way we will have it for if/when we get the 2 year old). I'm excited about the prospect of still being able to run when we have kids. Also, we have an extra bike that D can ride, so once we get the bike trailer we can all go on a bike ride together which will be awesome!

Also I want to give a big shout out to my friend Melissa. She has taken me under her wing and contacted other moms she knows about getting us the items we need. Everyone has been so supportive of us through this and it really means a lot.


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