It is a strange thing to have to set my alarm in order to take a shower. If I don't, I know that it may not/probably won't happen. So odd!

Also, I am perpetually hungry. It is very strange to wash dishes rather than eat, because dishes must be done and eating somehow seems lower on the scale of priorities. I have lost 2 pounds on what I like to call the "little kid" diet. I am sure that soon I will be gaining those back as I try to find some balance.

We got a permit today to take unlimited visits to Iowa. YAY! No more having to call the caseworker to get permission every time we want to leave the state. This is a huge burden off of my shoulders because we go to Iowa at least once or twice a month. Also, we have permission to take the kids on an extended trip to Kansas also. My MIL is letting us borrow her minivan, thank goodness. And we are really considering purchasing a minivan. Ha! The jogging stroller takes up basically the entire trunk. It does collapse, but not very much! Small price to pay for an awesome item, though.

We used the stroller today, and the little boys loved it. We walked around on the dirt roads around our house. I wasn't sure how the stroller would hold up, but it was stellar. We also all went to the lake. C and D played in the water. D actually went swimming, C went swimming but it was on accident! He slipped and went under, but I grabbed him right up and he was fine. I was actually shocked at how well he did. He even got seaweed on his hands and stuff, and i just told him "Throw it into the lake!" and he did. Didn't even phase him. What did phase him was food. Any time food was presented his first MO was to cry. He actually had a pretty good temper tantrum in the morning. I have no idea what the kid likes to eat. So far we have successfully eaten a banana, an apple, and cereal. That's it. I'm confident that cannot be enough for him, but he ate pizza at his mom's house so who knows.

Tomorrow is church...I'm interested to see how it goes. :)


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