Update...or not really

Well, it sounds like overnight visits will not be starting up for at least a month. Visits will remain fully supervised. When overnights do start up, it will be gradually (i.e., they will start with one a week, then add more as things progress). Up until a few weeks ago they had built up to 3 overnights with D and M, so I'd say it's a pretty serious set back.

We haven't told D yet. I'm not sure if his mom will tell him, or what. It's so hard to know what to say and how and when to say it. I hate it that I feel like it's our job to deliver this bad news to him. We've kind of adopted a wait-and-see approach I think, we'll have to tell him Friday if he doesn't already know by then. But maybe he will ask ahead of time, or maybe his mom will tell him at a visit.

Court is sometime in early March, I have to check to find the actual date. The kids went into foster care in March 2010. And I'm thinking OK, if we get to court, and visits are still fully supervised with no overnights, and this is TWO YEARS in to this case...then what? I think it will look very bad, and to be honest it IS very bad, in my opinion. I have no idea how much longer they will allow this to go on. January was supposed to be "sink or swim" time, and it looks to me like she has sunk. But that is my opinion of course.

No one is really telling us much of anything so I guess it's more just wait and see. Story of my life! :) I'm hoping we'll get more info before court actually happens but I guess we'll just have to see.


  1. If they don't start making some serious decisions in court I would just be at a loss....the time should be up for this mess

  2. Hope court in March is a catalyst for this case!

  3. Sheesh this is ridiculous!


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