And then

I guess there will be no overnights for the next 2 weeks, still only a 4-hour visit on Saturdays instead of the new 8-hour visit, and also all visits will be fully supervised.

I won't say why what happened, but I can say that the changes are for a good reason and that D is very disappointed. I will be interested to see what happens in 2 weeks. I'm not sure if everything will go back to normal or what.

Pray for our boys and their mom, please!


  1. that was from kim- sorry, jer was signed on to his google account :)

  2. I am so incredible annoyed by how long the state has let this case drag out and for what?? for her to still need to be supervised around her kids? this is insane and ridiculously hard on the kids and you.

    i hope the best comes out of it.


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