So, let's talk Love and Logic.

It's about logical consequences for bad choices. So when it's, say, 6 degrees outside, and my 2 year old refuses to put on his coat, I ask him "Would you like to wear your coat or carry it?" Carry it, he does. The idea is that if I force him to wear his coat he will just hate me, but if he learns "oh, it's cold outside, I need to put my coat on!" then he makes his own decision and is able to learn for himself.

But then, when I am picking him up from preschool, he also decides to carry his coat. Oh and leaving the restaurant when it is again about 10 degrees outside, he also decides to carry his coat rather than wear it.

Meanwhile, I feel like a terrible human being letting my child suffer! Even though it appears he doesn't mind it. For me personally, being outside with a hat, gloves, and coat on when it is 6 degrees out keeps me warm for approximately 30 seconds, at which point I begin thinking constantly about when the next time I will be warm is. I am pretty pathetic, I'll admit it.

Two nights ago, he asked to sleep with a little receiving blanket instead of his Buzz Lightyear comforter. I told him he might be cold...he didn't care. So I dutifully removed the comforter and replaced it with the rather small and not very cozy receiving blanket. Then yesterday morning, C told me "Y said he was cold last night!" Lesson learned?? Not so fast! So then last night my husband was putting the boys to bed and Y insisted again on the little blanket instead of the comforter. My husband asked Y if he remembered that he was cold last night, and he did! But he didn't care. So we compromised and put the little blanket on top of the comforter.

C is learning very well with Love and Logic. It's so, so neat to hear him learning from his mistakes - he regularly says "Tomorrow I'm not going to (sad choice)." Y on the other hand...well, maybe his learning is just a little bit slower. Is it possible he's not able yet to draw the necessary conclusions of "no coat = cold" and "no blanket = cold"? Or maybe he is just way tougher than I am.

In other news, Y did not take a nap at pre-school yesterday. He fell asleep in the car at 4:30...tired much???

I put the boys' new bunk beds up yesterday all by myself. It was a feat of ingenuity. And I only dropped the screw-tighener-thing approximately 30 times. At any rate, they look amazing and the boys were very excited to sleep in them. So far so good - Y did not get out of bed last night at all, at least not that I'm aware of! We left the crib up just in case we needed to put him back in it for some reason.

Last night I took the boys to a buffet by myself because my husband was working late. Oh man, it was terrible. First when we got there I asked the boys if they needed to go to the bathroom. Y did, C said he would "after dinner". So I took Y. Then I brought him back, and got them their food. Then D went to get his food, and when he got back I went to get mine. Then, after about 3 bites, C said he needed to go to the bathroom. So I took him. Then I got back, took a few more bites, and then Y needed to go to the bathroom again. So I took him, got back...and by that time, everyone was done eating and I had barely started. So I made C a puppet out of his paper bag, and he amused us (and I daresay the entertained he tables near us as well) while I finished eating.

Next time, we are totally going to McDonald's. :)


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