Two peas in a pod

So D was in the kitchen brushing his teeth, and sniffing his nose (sucking the snot back up in to it, you know what I mean). My husband gets really annoyed when people do that and he told D "Either blow your nose or go away and quit annoying me!" D came in to the living room, still brushing his teeth. I was sitting where I could see both of them but they couldn't see each other.

D started mimicking my husband and making faces and stuff, and I was giggling. Then he walked away, and my husband looked over at me and started mimicking D and making faces! Of course he had no idea that D had just done the exact same thing. I was busting up laughing, oh man these two guys are so much alike it's just hilarious!


  1. I would never do such a thing... :)

  2. Lol. I can almost see it. :)

  3. I often say men never really evolve past the 12 year old boy stage….LOL!

  4. ah! he DOES have a positive influence on him! :)


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