Toddler Tidbits

The other day Y was shouting from the bathroom "I can't do it! I can't do it!" I headed back there because really, when a child is alone in the bathroom, you just never know what will happen. Our toilet is a handicapped person toilet, so it is really high and sometimes he can't get on or off. We have a stool for him but that doesn't always work out for various reasons.

I got back there and he was sitting on the potty. "I can't do it!" he said, pointing to the the toilet paper. He had unrolled probably at least 10 feet or more of it and it was pooled on the floor. He was trying to roll it up, but it just kept coming out more and more. Darn kids!

A few nights ago we went out to eat with my family. Y was sitting between my brother-in-law and my dad, grabbing their arms and just being really ornery (and let's face it, pretty cute too). A little bit later I looked over at him and he had this totally horrified look on his face and was pressed up against my brother-in-law, who was just continuing to eat and oblivious to Y's plight. Y's mouth was full of food so he couldn't say anything. "Um, I think he's falling off his booster seat." My brother-in-law hadn't even noticed because he thought Y was just being ornery again! Ha ha.

At the same dinner, C asked for my dad's lemon from his tea. So of course he gave it to him and C's reaction after he ate it was just priceless! Somebody should have recorded it so we could watch it again and again. :)

Y is still in a crib. Two days ago when the boys woke up I went back to get them. C likes to be held a little bit in the mornings, so I held him for a minute or two. Y said "I can climb out of my crib?" "No don't climb out! I don't want you to fall and get hurt." So then I got him out and he went over to the vent. The heater was on and he put his hand over the air. "It's hot! I'm gonna touch it!" with that I-dare-you-to-stop-me voice. I told him to go ahead, and he did it. Then he said "I'm gonna touch it again!" in that same voice. It was pretty hilarious.


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