Finally, after months of searching, we are getting bunk beds for the little boys! Y is still in a crib, which he can climb into and out of (but thankfully he doesn't do it). The ones I found are really nice wood ones, which also come apart to two twin beds if we wish to use them like that (yay for versatility!). They also have a ladder that is angled to the top bunk, which I think will make it easier for C to climb in and out (as opposed to the ones that are straight up and down). They will go very nicely with the Spiderman and Toy Story bedding that I got for the boys for Christmas! And also C's current twin is going into D's room. He is sleeping on a queen-size bed currently and it takes up approximately 2/3 of his bedroom, so it will be nice for him to have a smaller bed. Then we are getting rid of the queen size and the mattress, so if anybody wants it let us know! :) It's free to a good home.

I took C to his final appt with the poop doctor yesterday. Basically the plan is to ensure he is getting at least 10 grams of dietary fiber every day, and slowly reduce the amount of medicine. So my goal is to make sure he gets 10 grams of dietary fiber at breakfast every day, then I don't have to worry about what he eats at his mom's house or at daycare. I texted bio mom about the dr. appointment and she never responded and of course didn't show up either. Not really surprising considering she has never, ever come to any of the boys' appointments, including GI specialist and pediatric cardiologist, and she didn't come to Y's surgery. All three of the boys have had what I would consider to be serious appointments since they have been placed with us and she has not bothered to come. It just makes me kind of sad.

We have a team meeting tomorrow and I'm a little bit nervous about it. I think my husband will be able to go, so he will give me some moral support. I'm glad about that! I'm not sure what will happen, but the possibility of me being yelled at (or at least chewed out) by bio mom I would say is probably fairly high (because I encouraged the transport worker to talk to the caseworker, and she did, and now everyone knows that things have not been what they seem, thereby making bio mom look bad). I am such a horrible person, making sure everybody knows the truth and that people do their jobs! How can I live with myself, I just don't know. :p

Yesterday was my birthday, and I am now 29. Next year I will be 30. I always thought I would for sure have kids by the time I was 30 but I doubt that will happen! Good thing God knows what He's doing because I have no idea what it is. :)


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