Daycare and Easter!

Well, it was the first day of daycare today.

Y cried when I left him. And then I started crying too. Pretty pitiful. I might burst into tears again if I think of it too much, so moving on!

C was enthralled by the giant train set in the 3-year-old room, he didn't even tell me goodbye he was so focused on it!

Also I found out that their daycare/preschool has daily Bible stories, which I am so grateful for. I didn't even think to ask about that, because I guess I just assumed that they wouldn't...I mean I wouldn't expect for D to learn about the Bible at school, so why would I expect that from the daycare? But they do! And I am so thrilled about it! I mean...yeah. It makes me happy. :)

We had a pretty good Easter. I bought all the boys Easter baskets. I gave D his basket on Saturday night. I had bought him a drawing set with different types of pencils, an instructional book, and an artist pad. I bought him some other things like an egg timer (so he can keep track of how long he needs to practice his drums - he could even take it to his friends' house and set the buzzer so it goes off when he needs to go home or whatever), a little motorized fan thing, a drawing thing where you scrape off this black stuff to reveal shiny metal stuff underneath and make a picture out of it, and some shower gel. I was pretty stoked about it. Sometimes it's hard for his age to find something that I know he will like - it's so easy for the little boys because honestly they like about everything. But I think D liked what I bought for him, so that was good! He has already been working on the scraping picture a lot and he is doing a really god job on it. :)

For the little boys I got them some whistles, and these water-sucker tubes where you pull the water up and then shoot it out, and some little cars. I was going to give them bubbles but decided against it - I think it would be best if I am in charge of bubble blowing until they are a little older!!

We went to my parent's house and had an Easter-egg hunt, and the boys got to play with their water toys. Pretty much all of us got squirted, mostly it was just by accident because the boys were paying no attention to where they were aiming their water toys! D also showed C how to shoot himself in the face with his water toy, and C did it over and over and over again. It was quite hilarious! My husband took a video which I really wish I could post on here because it was super cute. :)

All in all it was a really good Easter!


  1. Nice! You'll have to let us know how little Y was at daycare after you left. Poor guy! Probably just doesn't understand that you'll come back for him ;)


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