Yes, I think I'm gonna do it. Send all three of my little cupcakes to daycare, at least part time. It's just too much for me to keep up on the house, the business, plus meet the needs of the kids. I think it would be particularly good for the C-Monster to get to interact with kids his own age (or older!) more often - right now he only has that chance when we go to church and during Bible study when he is in the day care at church. He often reverts to baby-talk and likes to copy off of his little brother. I'm sure this is normal but I'm not sure that it is healthy and/or the best thing for him, especially since I already feel that he is lagging behind his peers in many ways.

So our SC found a daycare that is literally 1 mile away from our house that looked very cool, and they have extra weekly classes that you can enroll your kids in, like gym and dance class! But...they don't have enough openings. And even C couldn't get in until August at the earliest.

So I'm looking for some other places, and we'll see what happens. I keep hearing that many only accept full-time kids, which is a minimum of 6 hours per day. I don't think it would be too terrible, if say they got dropped off at 8 or 8:30 and then I picked them up after nap time. I mean they will be napping hopefully one way or the other; it's just a matter of them napping away or at our house! So coming home at noon or at 2:30 or so probably won't make too much of a difference, technically.

It's a big relief to admit that I need some help. I mean even if it ends up that I can only send C somewhere for a few days a week (or even a few half-days a week!), I think it would just be a burden off of me. I think it would be much easier to go somewhere with just the baby and Y, and it would be nice to spend some time with them without C being his pushy self and trying to be the center of attention all the time. So...we'll see what happens.

D had some more drama at school yesterday. The awesome thing was that he just told us about it, of his own free will. Apparently he spent some time in the principal's office, which is never good. We are expecting a call from school today but we'll see if we get one or not. One of the excellent things that came out of it was that he broke up with his girlfriend of his own free will (thank goodness!) and that he did it because he realized that she was causing a lot of drama in his life and he had lost some friends over her. It's a good lesson to learn, and maybe easier to learn earlier in life than I learned it (which was when I was...what, 21? Ha!).

D also said he wishes he could go to the school district we leave in. It was music to our ears because we would honestly prefer that as well. I am really hoping his mom will let him go there when the school year starts in August, but I doubt she will. I know that middle school is full of drama no matter where you are; it's just a tough age and a tough time in life. But somehow I think that going to school at a place where many kids have been or are in foster care, where they have lived in shelters for battered women... I mean all of these things I think just make for craziness. That might be kind of stereotyping for me to say, I don't know. I really do just want what is best for him and sometimes I think that it might mean leaving a little more of his past behind, or at least getting away from it for a while.

Today is my first day of feeding the baby solid foods. Take one did not go well at all. Going to try again here in a few minutes, after I wake miss thang up from her nap. I have to feed her before they go on the visit today. fun! Also I think we are going to apply for our passports today for our trip to Japan to visit my little niece and my sister and brother in law!


  1. good for you! i think this will help alot i had to do this as well.


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