First week down!

Week one of daycare is done. Y cried every single time we dropped him off. C cried one time when I dropped him off, and one time when I picked him up (same day!). C is doing really well. Sometimes he says he doesn't want to go but I know he has a good time and sometimes he talks about what they did at school and about the books his teacher reads. He still sometimes has a hard time articulating things that they did at school, but his language the past few months has just been coming along beautifully and so I know it will come in time! His teacher Miss Kayla is super nice and just lovely. Y's teach is Miss...something I can't remember. She always seems kinda stressed out but honestly I could NEVER EVER do her job - spending all day with a group of five or six 18- to 27-month-olds by myself? No way, no how!

The week for me was really busy and I did not really have (make?) time to just hang out much...I have been pretty busy running errands, driving all over town, taking kids to dr. appointments, cleaning, etc. Next week will hopefully be a bit less hectic.

C had his visit with the specialist yesterday for his feet. The doctor did a very thorough examination and explained what he was looking for, and it sounds like all in all C looks really good for being born 11 weeks premature! Apparently he weighed only 2 lbs 9 ounces when he was born - tiny, tiny little boy! He also did not start walking until 21 months, which the doctor said was very unusual even for a preemie. He said there is not anything he could do for C at this time, but just to always make sure his shoes have a good firm sole and have an arch built in and to keep an eye on things and don't hesitate to bring him back if anything changes. He said to keep pursuing the Early Childhood Development thing because C might still need some help with motor skills and that kind of thing.

So in general I feel much better about the fact that a qualified professional has looked at him.

We go for the ECD thing on the 3rd. C has improved so much in the past few months, I mean it really is amazing. So we'll see what they have to say about everything. It's hard to know if he is normal or not because I don't have much to assess what "normal" looks like. There are several verbal sounds that he does not make, such as L, R, V, CH, SH, F and others. I'm not sure if this is normal at his age or not. But he really is doing a good job of talking in sentences. And when he runs now he doesn't fall down as much, though he definitely still does the arm flapping and wobbling/running in to things! He can also jump which is a new development - he couldn't when he moved in at the age of 27 months and for several months after that. Little Y can jump now seems like Y is ahead of the place that C was when the kids moved in with us, but Y is 5 months younger now than C was when they moved in with us. C still cannot pedal a bicycle or balance on one foot for any length of time. Maybe C just needed time, and I think honestly not being held 24/7 is really good for him in building all of these skills! :) I am excited to take him and see what the ECD folks have to say.

I guess I'll quit procrastinating and head out the door for my run. I am just feeling really lazy today and probably could sit here in front of the computer all day long. But I won't let myself! :)


  1. was C being held all the time at some point?

  2. I am not 100% sure, but I think perhaps he was. Our HHS worker said that every time she went to visit the family (before the children were removed) he was being held by somebody. There are always lots of adults around, aunts and uncles and grandmas and all that. I imagine having a child born that early might make a person a little bit overprotective too, but that's just my thinking and I might be wrong.


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