Toddler Tidbit

C: I don't yike Bwin.
DH: Yes you do!
C: Yes I don't!

To C's credit, almost every day now he tells me he "yikes" me. So that's nice. He hardly ever tells me he doesn't like me anymore which is always a plus! Maybe absence has made the heart grow fonder. :)

Also when we were at the emergency room and I was trying to keep his mind off of his pooping we were counting the chairs, trashcans, etc. in the room and just talking about random things. He got three stickers from the nurse and he put one on his hand, then he gave one to me and said the other one was for Y. This is a kid that NEVER shares so it was very heartwarming and touching that he shared his stickers! :) He is getting to be a pretty good little boy. :)


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