Before I go on about this, let me first say that I dropped Y off at daycare today and went to go buy some baby wipes for him because I had forgotten to bring any yesterday. So when I got back to the daycare I had hoped to not have to go back to his room because I didn't want him to see me. No one was at the front desk so I peeped in his room to give the wipes to his teacher...and he was still crying 20 minutes after I dropped him off. Saddest thing ever! :( At least he didn't see me though, I'm not sure if I could have left him a second time!

I got a call from bio mom while the kids were at a visit, saying that C was just laying around on the floor and was crying and needed to poop, and that she thought he needed to go to the hospital. I happened to be running and was a mile and a half from home, and I told her that I would run home and then drive to her house, and that I would be there in less than an hour. Then she proceeded to text me and tell me to please hurry! Which in and of itself was frustrating...I mean she made it sound like he was dying, and I live at least 20 minutes away from her and have to run for 15 minutes just to get yes I am hurrying, lady! I wouldn't let him just suffer while I sit at home and eat bon-bons or something, you know?

Anyway I picked him up and took him to the ER. My husband met us there and we got checked in and went back to a room...and while we were waiting for a doctor, lo and behold, he pooped. Yes he was upset, yes I'm sure he was uncomfortable, but I don't know that it warranted a trip to the ER! He ate normally today, was playing as far as I could see. Once he pooped he was happy, hungry, and ready to go play. We wouldn't have taken him if it would have just been us, but bio mom still has medical rights and I really did not want to argue with her. I mean I guess it's better to be safe than sorry, especially when it's not technically my kid!

And then what did bio mom write to me in the book? Did she say "hey, thanks for busting your butt and getting over here and taking my kid to the ER, sorry it was a false alarm!" Nope. Nothing, zip, zilch, nada. Also I sent her several texts and tried to call her with updates, but she did not respond at all. Um...hello?????

Probably one of the most frustrating things is that she made me feel like a terrible person because C is going through this, but I have been the one that has been fighting to find a reason for his constipation, and if I didn't have to fight with her so stinking much then maybe it would have already been taken care of by now! But I'm sure she won't think of it that way at all.



  1. Brynn, you guys are doing an amazing job with those boys. Bio-mom probably is VERY threatened by you and she just isn't a big enough person to say "thank-you" for caring about my kids. I've said it before and I'll say it again - the boys are blessed to have you both. I wish every foster parents was as conscientious as you guys are. The world would be a better place! Love you!


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