Not me Monday

***I posted this on Monday but it got posted to the wrong date so you might have missed it if you just follow me. So...sorry if you already read it! ***

A few days ago when I got all three little ones ready to go on their visit, I most assuredly did not have to rush around at the last second to get the baby fed and get shoes and coats on everyone. I always plan ahead to ensure the little ones all wake up from their nap in a timely manner, leaving me enough time to get them ready to go. When the worker showed up to pick them up, she did not look down at Y and ask "Um...does he need shoes?" I definitely did not respond by saying "Y! Why didn't you tell me I didn't get your shoes on?" He is 21 months, by the way...definitely old enough to tell me that he needs shoes! Or not. :)

I definitely did not discover that I filed our 2Q 2010 Form 941 on the 2009 form...thus apparently causing mass confusion at the IRS resulting in them thinking I was filing an amended 2Q 2009 941, and that I didn't file a 2Q 2010 form at me a headache just thinking about it. Oh and FYI you can't just call the IRS to explain your have to send in a new form which I am thinking is just going to cause even more confusion. However, this big mix-up would never happen to me because I always check and double check my work. Have I ever mentioned how much I love the IRS?

When I took the two little boys to a wonderful indoor play place Saturday morning, I did not have to carry them both out, pack-mule style, due to their crazy screaming, kicking, and refusing to walk when it was time to leave. It would not really be safe for me to carry 55 pounds of screaming children, plus jackets and shoes, out to the car all at once! And clearly my communication/negotiation skills are so superb that I can talk them both out of tantrums when I need to. And I never become exasperated during public tantrums, either.

When we took a family bike ride to the park yesterday I definitely planned for the weather. No, I did not get caught off-guard then the temperature went down and the wind picked up, and C was not asking for his "glubs" because his little hands were cold. Always prepared, I am! And I know how to look at the weather forecast, duh!

I did not become completely exasperated when bio mom again complained about the doctor even though I told her how wonderful she was. And I did not fume when she declared that D was grounded from TV, yet he watched movies at her house during the visit. I am gracious and kind to those that have different ideas from me and after all, I'm just the foster mom! Right?

P.S. C's appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon for his feet is on the 29th. Which is also our wedding anniversary - 5 years, wowza! Super excited for the doctor visit!!!


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