Toddler Tidbit

C: "Are those dogs?" (pointing to one of our dogs and my parent's dog, who we are dog sitting)
Me: "Yes. Are you a dog?"
C: "No."
Me: "Well what are you?"
C: "I'm a SUPER HERO!"

Then we chatted about who he would rescue, and we determined that the only people in the world he would rescue were his little brother and my parent's dog Mac. He would take them to "my rescue!" (his words).

Spending the day so far organizing toys, digging them out from under couches and whatnot. Soooo much fun! Oh wait. At least the boys are having fun playing with their long-lost toys! Maybe the sun will come out later so we can go outside, that would be awesome!


  1. I love it that C loves Mac so much! Thanks again for watching Mac for us...Love you guys!


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