Toddler tidbits

This first one might be TMI but it is really funny.

Miss M said she needed to "potty", which almost always means she needs to poop.  So we went to the bathroom and I helped her get on the potty. She finally finished her business and was getting back off and I farted, I mean really really loud (I blame it on the baby).  She looked at me and said (with a concerned look on her face) "Need to go potty, Mommy?" I burst out laughing and I'm still laughing about it - so hilarious!  Nope, just gas...lots of it I'm sad to say!

Brian was watching football and a commercial for a washing machine came on. The way they filmed the commercial made it look like two people were on their bed which was inside the washing machine. C was rather scandalized. "Why are those people in the washing machine?" Me: (one of those not-real-well-though-out answers): "Maybe they needed to get clean." Him: "They need to get clean in the shower!" Yes, that is so right.

M is talking so much now, spontaneously saying 3 and 4 and 5 word sentences. She's been talking a lot for a while now, but a lot of it was copying phrases other people said.  It is so cool to hear her make up sentences and thoughts of her own. She is getting a lot better about saying "please" when she wants something instead of throwing a huge fit.  On a bummer note, a couple of times the past few weeks her teacher at daycare has told me that M has been spitting at her when she gets mad.  Ahem. No no, not my daughter!

A few days ago a pair of my tennis shoes and her favorite pair of shoes (shiny black dress shoes with frills!) were sitting next to each other, and I was struck by the hilarity of a tomboy like me being matched with a girly-girl like her.  I don't mind, it's pretty fun to have a girly girl after having 3 boys!

Had a good talk with D's therapist today. I really like him, and D really likes him too so yaaaaaay.  It sounds like they are already getting into serious stuff and they've only been meeting for I think about 3 weeks now, so that's pretty good!  The caseworker had suggested D start therapy because of his feelings about being adopted and so I'm hoping that he can work through all of that, and the therapist said he's willing to work with all of us together which I think will be very helpful.

I'm knitting a baby blanket. It is purple. I don't know if I've said on here, but my sister is due with her second baby 13 days after my due date (super exciting!). So all I have to say is, either she or me had better have a girl! Humph! :)


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