No cat

Had our appointment today, and we got to hear the heartbeat. She kept kicking and so the sound kept getting muffled, and my husband said "She's farting in there!" and I started cracking up and then of course it was impossible to hear the heartbeat.  We also held a model of a 20 week old baby and it is huge! I'm not 20 weeks yet, I have about 10 more days. But still.  It's amazing that a tiny human almost that big is in there.

Needless to say, there was no cat in there. I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief. ;)  Ultrasound is scheduled for the 13th!

I've been in a lot of pain today and they are testing my urine to see if I might have a bladder infection.  I was actually in tears twice today and pretty much have been lying around all day trying not to move, because almost everything hurts to do besides lie still or sit still.  The Midwife said it very well could just be ligament pain from stretching...if so, then please help me God because it hurts so bad!  I took a Tylenol and it took the edge off but I am definitely still in pain. No bleeding, no cramping, nothing like that, so I am sure baby is just fine.  And of course we heard the heartbeat so that's always good.

I've been on hold for 15 minutes now trying to schedule our adoption party...I think I'll hang up and call back. Sheesh.

ETA: No UTI/bladder infection...apparently it is the baby. I seriously had no idea that just being pregnant could hurt so badly! I mean I expect to be in extreme pain here in, oh, maybe 5 months or so....but wasn't so much expecting pain this early! I'm sure it in no way compares to child birth but it does hurt pretty badly.  I'll take it as a good sign the baby is growing like gangbusters in there! :)


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