The baby is perfect. And there is just one, praise God. If there were two we'd be so thankful but it would be very, very hard.  So I am thankful for one baby!

It was amazing. Our tech walked us through everything. We could see the hemispheres of the brain, chambers of the heart, the spine and individual ribs, the kidneys...I mean seriously.  First I think it's amazing that at 20 weeks (even earlier, really!) the baby has all those things, pees, swallows, heart pumps blood, etc., but also it is amazing that technology is able to let us see all of that!

The tech said she got a very clear view of the sex, and had us look away from the screen while she was looking at that area to check bladder function and all that. She wrote it on a piece of paper, folded it up a million times, and stapled it shut so no one can peek. Exciting! But seriously, that is just so secondary to the fact that we have what appears to be a perfectly healthy baby.  The baby moved around a little bit which was pretty cool, and she showed us where inside the head and butt and legs were. It is amazing how spread out the baby was! It weighs 12 ounces and is in the 53rd percentile, heart beat was 146 which is right where it has been the last few times I went to the doctor. I am supposed to be 19 weeks 5 days and I think she said based on measurements the baby looked right at 20 weeks, so pretty much right where he or she ought to be.

Here's the baby! It's a picture of a picture so not the clearest but I think it's pretty cool!

We are just so blessed.


  1. I'm just SOOO excited for you guys!
    BTW, are you saving to open the paper at Christmas or just not peeking at all until the birth?

    1. We are going to give the paper to a baker and have them make cupcakes for us filled with either pink or blue, then when we celebrate Thanksgiving with my family we will invite Brian's mom and dad over for dessert and all open them together! :) So we have to wait 10 more days to find out, but that's not nearly as bad as having to wait 4 or 5 more months to find out!


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