Coming together!

Today I got our cupcakes ordered for our gender reveal, and finalized plans for our adoption party. We are having a balloon twister/face painter come for 2 hours, and a photographer is going to be taking family pics before the party and also come to the party for an hour to take pictures.  I am so excited!  When I ordered the cupcakes for the gender reveal I swear the lady taking my order was just as excited as I was. It was pretty sweet. :)

I almost had a heart attack earlier when I called to confirm our reservation for the party venue, they told me that the room had been double-booked!  Then he put me on hold...and came back to say no, it was fine, the other party was in a different room. PHEW.

Miss M had a fever of 103 at daycare yesterday, with no symptoms whatsoever. They called me to pick her up early, I was shocked because none of my kids have ever had a fever that high! Plus she had no symptoms so it is totally weird. So she has to stay home today of course. I gave her some medicine after I picked her up yesterday and she hasn't had a fever since then. What she HAS had is an extreme case of GROUCHINESS.  I have never seen a child so grouchy. I put her down for a nap at 9 a.m., it's 10:45 now. She has woken up twice, cried for a minute, then gone right back to sleep.  Clearly she is very, very tired.

We wonder if us being gone for our vacation and her staying with her old foster mom maybe confused her emotionally...I just don't know!  Either way I hope she feels better tomorrow.  Or even later today, that would be great. :)


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