Do not want to work!

Tomorrow morning we are waking up at, oh, maybe 3:30 a.m. to leave for our vacation/friend's wedding! I do not want to work right now! At all!

Friday night I am invited to a "girls night" with the bride & co.  It's at a restaurant, so no strippers or anything crazy like that.  I will know the mother of the groom, and that is it. And the bride of course.  Brian will be with the guys. I'm a little nervous at being alone with a bunch of strangers. Also the invite said they were going to be there in time for happy hour...yeah, this pregnant lady isn't going to be partaking in all of that nonsense!  I don't drink anymore pregnant or not though.  But definitely not now!  So the potential for awkwardness is fearfully high, but I will have our rental car so I can leave whenever. Also I told Brian, if we are there long enough then maybe I can order and eat TWO dinners...I do get awfully hungry these days! :)

We were asked if the newspaper could do a story on us for our adoptions. I felt like we had better discuss it with D.  He said no. So that is kind of a bummer. I really don't care about being in the spotlight BUT I think it's good to get it out there that people can adopt older children, young people can adopt and do foster care, young people can adopt a lot of see what I'm saying?  I want people to be like "Hey they did it, we can do it too! And we should do it! Let's start doing foster care!" Right?  My expectations might be a little bit high there, I don't know. :)

I started to get our adoption party planned, but I think I might have to change the venue.  Basically if we can't get 60 people then we can only get 1/2 of a room, and we have to have at least 35 to reserve part of the room at all.  They are a business, they have to make money, so I get it.  I might just cancel that and have it at our house, which will be fine though maybe a little crowded.  But much more relaxing for me!

I want to think of something cool to do at the party. Some people have said they get their adopted children small gifts on their adoption and anniversary of adoption...kind of like a mini-birthday party.  I like that idea and the idea of celebrating the day they officially became a part of our family.  I am just not very creative when it comes to these kinds of things. I'm going to think on it though, and see if I can come up with something awesome!

I guess I should either get back to work or possibly eat first lunch. Hmmm, decisions decisions...


  1. We did an open house at home on the weekend after our adoption day. The court day itself was pretty overwhelming for our kids and they had some mixed feelings, given that they were really aware of the family they had lost, even in the face of our family joy at adopting them. The open house environment was more relaxed for them and let them play with friends and cousins rather than feeling like the big focus of the adults all afternoon. Some people brought family gifts, such as a family at-home movie night kit or a zoo membership--things we could use to celebrate our "familyness" together. Our children were 10, 9, and 5 when we finalized.

    We do celebrate our Gotcha Day each year as a nuclear family by making a cake and having dinner at home together. We don't have gifts each year. Our Gotcha Day is the same as my birthday, so we celebrate those two occasions together. Best birthday present ever!

    I have no doubt that you will figure out what is best for your family's celebration(s).


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