We went on the trip to the waterpark. It was a pretty fun time!

Some of the highlights:

- My husband met up with us on Wednesday night so the boys (and I!) got to see him which was awesome. Also, one of the boys needed help with something...and my husband helped him! I realize this is a fairly normal thing but I had been on my own with them for several days at this point and so it was nice and kind of strange to not be the only one doing everything. :)

- My parents met up with us too, and the boys were so excited! The little boys played with their doctor set that they got for Christmas and gave both of my parents many, many "shots", cut their hair and their fingers and toes off, listened to their hearts, took them to the hospital, etc. etc. It was very cute. :)

- We ate for cheap at the breakfast buffet because kids 3 and under are free (Y is 2 and C is 3), and D still counts as a "child" since he is 12. We also ate lunch at a Pizza Hut buffet and it was less than $10! Mostly because D didn't eat because he was mad, but even if he would have eaten it would have only been $5 more. Pretty sweet!

- The deal I got on the hotel room was actually better than I thought - We got 4 gift certificates for $9.95 each for breakfast, which meant that six of us ate a breakfast buffet for a total of $2.70 one morning. We also got a couple of gift certificates for free adult beverages (too bad we don't drink!), $10 to the arcade, and 6 entries into the water park each day. Plus they gave us fake tattoos and real cookies too. :)

- Thursday morning D brought Y into our bedroom because Y woke up and it was like 6:30 a.m. I put him in bed with me and dozed back off, waking off and on to check on him. I tried to get him to lay down but he just kept moving around and playing with his teddy bear. Finally he came and laid right on top of me and went back to sleep for like an hour (unfortunately I had to wake him up so I could to the bathroom - rats!). Then that afternoon he was so, so tired that he was really excited to get to take a nap! He all smiley and happy when it was nap time, it was pretty cute.

- Friday morning Y woke up again early, and I put him in bed with me again, and again just woke up off and on to check on him. One time I woke up and couldn't find him! Turns out he had climbed back into his pack n play (it was pushed right up against the bed so he just kind of slipped in; he wouldn't have been able to get out of it by himself) and he was laying in it and covered himself up with his blanket and was trying to go back to sleep. It was pretty cute!

- The little boys had lots of fun. The pool for the little kids was only 12 inches deep which was really nice. Y kept falling on his face (on purpose) and then not being able to get his feet back under him to pick himself up. Between my dad and I we probably saved his life approximately 100 times. :) They had a pirate boat you could get on and "steer", and several little slides, and fountains that came up out of the ground. For older kids they had separate pools with a volleyball net, a hot tub, and a couple of big slides. The worst part was that after about 45 minutes or an hour the little boys would be shivering cold and would ask to get out of the pool. As a result they didn't swim that much (maybe 4-5 hours total over the 3 days we were there), but they were pretty happy playing with "foster grandma" and "wobin" in the hotel room anyway. :)

- On the way home Y fell asleep about 5 minutes after we started driving. He slept for a little over an hour, and then we stopped for lunch. Then after lunch C fell asleep, and he slept the rest of the way home! So the drive home was very calm and peaceful which was pretty darn exciting for me! The ride there, however, was VERY eventful...which resulted in me pulling over and moving Y's car seat to the very back of the van because he was so tired he was just screaming his face off and I just couldn't take it anymore! It's hard when you are the only parent and you really have to just focus on driving instead of catering to every whim of the 2 and 3 year old in the back seat. :)

- I got to watch some HGTV and Food Network at the hotel, which was pretty exciting for me since we don't have cable and I don't get to watch those shows very often. :)

- I did the WORST packing job ever. Somehow I forgot: C's medicine, socks for C, the noise machine, and pj's for C. And it seemed like there was something else I forgot too but what do you know, I forgot! :)

- We went to a place called The Machine Shed for dinner. I know it doesn't sound very appetizing, but it is a pretty cool place! It's kind of like the Cracker Barrel. They have tractors for kids to take to the table and play with while they wait for their food, and they also have real, live (free) tractor rides! So needless to say we went on a tractor ride. It was pretty neat. All the servers dress in farmer clothes which is kind of cute. :)

All in all I think everyone had a pretty good time. D made some friends there, and also there was a softball team there with a bunch of girls his age know. :)

Toddler Tidbit: I took C to go potty at a restaurant. He started peeing and then all of a sudden started crying. I asked him what was wrong and he said "I'm peeing on myself!" His pee was kind of shooting up between the lid and the toilet itself and getting his leg wet. Ba ha ha ha!


  1. Sounds like a great trip!! I want to see the boys again soon! All these cute stories! also yay for hgtv and food network - that's my favorite thing about hotel stays too. :)


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