Todler Tidbits

Y has started talking more and more. It is so adorable to hear him sound out words with 2 or 3 syllables. It's not so adorable when he copies C by saying things like "Immad a yoooooou!" He is just a shadow of his big brother. C asked for milk on his cereal this morning, and Y immediately took up the cry...but continued eating his cereal without milk, because he didn't really want milk on his cereal, just wanted to copy big brother!

Some of the gems lately from C:

"I'm mad at you!" (with arms crossed and a scowl on his face)
"I don't want to stop kicking you!" (during a tantrum when I asked him to stop kicking me. He did actually stop but wasn't happy about it!)
"Let's get under the blanket and dance!" (one of the many, many bossy things he says to Y on a daily basis. Y is surprisingly compliant - wish he listened to me as well as he listens to C! :)

And from Y:
"Really hard!" (making a funny face while pooping!)
"Hi Shiba!" (exclamation made to our dog during breakfast! :)
"Button it!" (which could mean button it, or unbutton get to guess!)
"Pants off!" (can be said at any random time he feels the need to go bottomless. More often than not, the last few hours of the evening will find the two little boys running around in their diapers or underwear)
And lastly, the infamous "I do it!" He likes to try to put on his own pants. Inevitably, both legs end up in the same hole, then he stands up and walks around crying in frustration until someone comes and helps him. Even then, he will usually only allow you to help him get the pants off...then he will try again. This is also true of his sandals. He always, always wants to put them on by himself...and he always pulls the straps out of their holes, thereby making it impossible for him to put his own shoes on. Kids these days!

As a side note, bio dad canceled today. Nobody called me, but I just had a sneaking suspicion that he might I checked my email (after I got the kids all ready to go, of course) and there it was, an email from the SC saying the visit was canceled. I never would have checked my email if I wouldn't have had the suspicion. Ugh!

M came over this morning at 6:45 so her FM could go to a training. It was awful early, but between that and the canceled morning visit today I got to spend a lot of time with M which was nice. She is getting to be such a big girl! We played outside, and I caught a frog and showed it to the boys. I'm not real sure how they felt about it, but once I let it go then Y was running around saying "Frog!" and looking for it. Then tonight he was pretending to be a frog, hopping around. It was possibly the cutest thing I saw all day today. :) When we were outside I also took M around and showed her all the flowers in the reminded me of when Y was little and I did the same thing with him! Now he is big enough to explore on his own...*sniff* They grow up so fast!!


  1. You are the best mom ever! Those kids are so blessed to be loved by someone like you.

    And they do grow up fast. Just a couple of months ago you were in your carseat crying because we didn't stop at McDonalds. (Of course we ended up going back and getting you some fries. Don't judge us - we were first time parents) :)

    Love you Brynn!


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