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All three of the kids went to the dentist this past week. For C and for Y it was their first time - don't judge me, I had no idea kids could start going as young as 18 months! Otherwise C would have gone, oh, a year or so ago. :)

Both of the little boys made me lay down in the dentist chair with them because they were scared. C actually laid right on top of me the entire time, and Y just laid next to me. Y brought his Thomas toy into the dentist, and he made the dentist clean Thomas's teeth too. It was sooooo cute (and the hygienist was so nice to do it and help him feel more comfortable). They both did really good and got new CARS toothbrushes from the dentist! And they each got to pick a prize too.

This morning C and I had a lovely conversation:

C: Do you need your hair brushed?
Me: No, I think it's fine.
C: You need to get the comb.
Me: No it's OK, I don't think my hair needs to be brushed.
C: You DO need to brush your hair. You need to get the comb.

Thanks buddy! :)

The past three days D has done all of my triathlon training with me. It has been an exercise in frustration (for me) but I think it makes him feel good to spend so much time with me (don't tell him I told you this!). We have gone to the pool a few times. D asked me to race him, and at first I said no because I knew how it would end - I would beat him and he would most likely get mad, or say that something happened that wasn't fair and so I didn't really win. I stink at swimming, but he stinks at it even worse than I do. Anyway, I agreed to race him...and he didn't even finish the race because "I got water in my eyes!" Surprise surprise! But at least he did admit that I won...but he is asking for a rematch already. Ha!

Last night we went on a family bike ride to the lake and the little boys played at the park, then we rode home. Today DH is at training all day, so D and I went for a run..and I pushed the little boys in the stroller for 3 miles. I gotta tell ya, I could totally feel the 10 pounds they've gained since last year! Wow! That stroller is supposed to be able to hold 100 pounds; my question is, would I even be able to push it with 100 pounds in it? It was pretty hard just with 55 pounds in it! Yikes! Needless to say I plan on avoiding doing that in the future. I even tried to pick a mostly flat route but even the small hills just killed me.

I made an error last night. D wanted to watch a movie...a Miley Cyrus movie. With me. I was not in the mood, and I am really not sure if I will EVER be in the mood. I suggested we watch The Labyrinth, which was a childhood favorite of mine (OK, it's still one of my favorite movies). He responded that "That movie looks WACK!" So I let him pick a different movie. And he picked a scary movie. I used to really like scary movies, but just not so much anymore. I think I kind of grew out of it. Also most of them have a lot of naked people in them and that's just not my thing. But I looked this one up on, and it sounded OK. So we watched it. Don't judge me!

It was terrifying. He asked if he could sleep on the floor in our room because he was so scared! Needless to say, this is the last scary movie we will be watching right before bed. Lesson learned!


  1. sounds like you and D are really bonding!

  2. Maybe he is getting to respect you in-spite of the fact that you are a girl!


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