Peaches part deux

Here is your darn old picture, Kim! ;)

I put them in order from most crappy to least crappy. As you can see the one on the far end has a LOT of space in it. I think this is OK since it is filled with liquid, not air. I have read up on some ways to tell if food is spoiled or not, so hopefully we won't get botulism!

It appears the lids have all sealed correctly so that's good. I think we'll still eat that jar with a lot of space in it right away though - at this point it is fine because really all it is is peaches that I cooked yesterday. :) They do look pretty, though. Aside from the somewhat disconcerting floating fruit.

I am ready for another canning challenge! I have one tiny tomato on my plants, it is maybe one inch in diameter. Also my first Anaheim pepper is about 2 inches long. Can't wait to get down on canning some home made salsa!


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