D's mom decided he ought to go to practice today (I agreed with her, which is always a good thing!). So she made him go. I went to pick him up from the visit, and as soon as I walked in M started crying and reaching for me. Bio mom gave her to me and I held her and she was quiet, then when it was time to go I handed her back to bio mom and she started crying again. :( Sad! If she is that attached to me then I can't imagine how attached she is to her foster mom. She has spent a lot of time with me, especially when I did daycare for her 40-ish hours a week...but she has not spent nearly as much time with me as she has with her foster mom! Poor little baby.

She is getting to be just as cute as a button! She is always all girled out in tank tops and sun dresses and stuff...adorable. And I'm not technically sure if what she is doing is called "crawling" or not, but she is getting up on her hands and knees and making forward motions. It's slow, but she is definitely going forward. Pretty soon she will be terrorizing the dogs and chasing the cats I'm sure. :)

At D's practice tonight it was sweltering hot...like, in the 90's and I bet the heat index was 100 or close to it. I didn't put any sun screen on so I was literally hiding under the bleachers to try to find some shade because I knew I'd fry otherwise. He did a really good job of trying hard and having a good attitude (from what I could tell) even though he didn't want to be there, so I was proud of him for that and told him so. I couldn't help but think all the little 5 and 6 year olds playing football were SO adorable. There was one little kid, he had the shortest legs and was kind of tubby, but oh man he was SO cute. He finished last, in everything, and everybody always cheered him on and gave him a big round of applause when he got done. I could tell he was trying his little heart out but those short little legs just couldn't move that fast! :) I'm sure all of these little boys would be totally disgusted to hear me talk about them like this but they WERE really cute. :)


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