Todler Tidbits

Yesterday I took the little boys to the museum. I accidentally parked in the wrong parking garage (I know, I know - how does that even happen?) and we ended up having to walk 2 blocks...which is apparently a very, very long way for little boys!

On our way back to the garage after our museum excursion, C asked "Can I sleep in the elevator?" Then when we got to the van, "Can I sleep in the van?" Then when we got home, "Are we gonna take a nap now?" I think somebody was a little tired!

The other morning, I asked him what he wanted for breakfast. His response? "Michael Jackson!"

Today Y bit C on the arm. After sitting him in time out, I told him he needed to tell C he was sorry. He did so, and then C invited him to come sit on his lap. So he did. Then C got tired of it and asked Y to get off, and then Y started chasing him around saying "Yap! Yap!" :)

I love these kids! :)

Also, it has been so peaceful without D here. Does it make me a terrible person to say that? I am totally loving the snatches of alone time I get - during nap time yesterday, and after the little boys went to bed. I feel totally energized. The little boys have been sleeping later because there are no loud people around to wake them up.

I also decided that I am going to (try to) start having my quiet times/Bible reading in the mornings. I have always done it at night but am finding that at this point I am just so tired at night that I am not getting quality time with God. So I am just going to get up, start coffee, and then start reading. Hopefully I will keep waking up before the little boys, and I am just going to ask D to leave me alone for a few minutes in the morning and try not to talk/beat box/any of the other annoying things he does because he simply can not have quiet in his life, at least not until I'm done. Or maybe I'll tell him he just needs to stay in his room until I come and get him when I'm done!

I will be pretty excited when our basement gets finished so that there will be more room for us to spread out, and getting some peace and quiet might be a little more within my grasp. Speaking of that, our carpet has been ordered and hopefully pretty soon the installer will be calling to set up a date to install the carpet. Pretty darn exciting! So then we'll just have to move everything out of the basement, and then move it back in and rearrange it accordingly...and then I supposed we'll begin the process of rearranging the little boys' room and getting bunk beds, and transitioning Y to a big boy bed and all of that lovely stuff!


  1. Good for you on the quiet time decision! Also will be a good example for D to see that you want to and have obedience in starting your day in the Word of God.


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