Can't figure it out

I really can't.

D wanted to play football with a tackle league, because at the middle school level it is only flag football. It makes sense to me, I mean if you are going to play tackle in high school you might as well start learning the rules and proper tackling and all that in middle school, right? So we signed him up, paid $175 for it. Found out that he has practices for 2 hours, three nights a he would have to leave two of his visits early. He would still get two-hour visits on those days.

And now? He just doesn't want to go to practice. At all. Doesn't want to play football. Calls it quits.

This is the same child that used to say "I spend half of my time at the visits in the basement by myself anyway!" and the same one that said a 7 hour visit is "too long", and also the same child that just got 3 more hours of visitation a week than the rest of his siblings get. Also the same one that has been moping around the house all summer with "nothing to do"; well here is something that would get him out of the house two more days a week (one of the days for practice and then games on Sundays) and he doesn't want to do it.

I tried to talk to him about it, to find out why the change of heart regarding visits - he couldn't name anything in particular.

So I don't know what is going to happen, if his mom is going to tell him he needs to go to practice or what. It's kind of a lot of money to waste, I mean I definitely don't mind paying it if he's going to play football but if he's not going to then it's kind of like throwing $175 in the trash, and I kind of would rather not do that! I figure no matter what league he plays with he will miss part of visits - if he plays at school he will have to go to visits late and possible miss some of the weekend visit for games.

So anyway, one more reason why I am clueless about 12 year old boys. :) On a positive note I think he pretty much did not talk back to me at all today or last night, so that's good!


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