This is just going to be a jumble, but I better write it all before I forget!

D got a job! Sort of. He handed out fliers in our neighborhood for his dog-walking service. One of the guys down the street called back and and said he doesn't have a dog, but he does have a garden full of weeds...and would D be interested in working for him for $6 per hour pulling weeds? So Friday we went and met with him. He seems like a really nice guy, he owns this huge property that he is planning on turning into storage units but for now it is just sitting empty...so he planted an enormous garden which he calls a "community garden" and he plans to donate the produce to the church or to whomever wants to pick it! He said D can work whenever he wants, just to keep track of his hours...and he would pay D bonuses if he does a good job! So far he's worked for 2 hours and made $20. Pretty sweet! Wish I could have made $10 an hour when I was 12! Sheesh!

D's camps are all done for the summer. So now his summer is completely free and unstructured. His "therapist" seems to think that all of D's anger issues lately are because he has too much to do...however, he has way less to do now than he did all school year. His whole summer he basically can sleep as late as he want and has a minimum of 2 or 3 hours of free time every day, most days it's more than that! I think it's a cop-out and either the therapist doesn't understand what D's schedule is or ...I just don't know.

Kids went to respite this weekend at a new place (just for one night), and I think the respite providers are totally crazy about the boys. :) That's always nice to take them somewhere that they are loved! They must have told us 10 times that they could come back anytime and that they loved having the boys! :)

I decided to train for an Olympic distance triathlon. That is swimming 1000 meters, biking 25 miles, and running 6.2 miles. I am not really sure if I can do this or not. I just need a new challenge. I am getting lazy and a little bit fat. I have only gained about 4 pounds since my marathon but that is enough! And I can see it which is disconcerting. Ew.

Took C to the poop doctor today. I told them how he is pooping 2X per day on a regular schedule and they were pretty impressed! They felt his tummy and said it felt good, which I assume means it's not packed with poop like last time we were there. I did express my concerns about how he poops his pants almost every visit at his mom's house, and they said it's more behavioral than anything medical. They asked why he was in foster care and said they would write it in their report. So I am not really sure what the deal is there. I have made everyone on the case aware of it. He hasn't had an accident at our house in a long time, and even at respite this weekend with a new family he pooped on the potty! They said to keep doing what we are doing with the medicine and the poop schedule, and to make an appointment in 6 months and at that time they will talk to us about getting off his medicine and making adjustments to his diet to help him be successful with the transition.

I ordered our carpet today. They are coming out to measure it on Wednesday, then I guess we just wait for it to get installed! Then we will have a finished basement! I can't tell you how excited I am. I think after that we are going to get bunk beds in the little boy's room and transition Y to a big boy bed. I'm a bit nervous about that but I think he will do OK. We'll see. We will move all the toys out of their room and into the basement, so their room will no longer be a "play" room - we'll probably spend more time in the basement which will be good. They will have a lot more room down there than in our rather cramped living room.

Also my brother worked a job in this rental home, and the owners said he could take anything he wanted from the house. There was this ENORMOUS dresser...like, it is over 6 feet wide, with a total of 12 drawers. We got it! So once we get the bunk beds for the boys, we will put that dresser in their room and relocate the two dressers in there currently (no more dresser in the closet, yay!). I am pretty darn excited. Of course with our luck once we get all this done their mom will get her crap together and they'll go home! It doesn't seem like that could ever happen, even though I know it's a very real possibility. Even if it does happen, we can always use all this stuff for the next child(ren).

Anyway, I have 80 million things to do today so I am off! :)


  1. sounds like you're raising some wonderful boys!

    And I HAVE to comment on the "ew 4 lbs" bit.

    PAH-LEASE! remember how the doc said you need to gain a bit of weight? hmmmm? tisk tisk, I'd love to be your size ;)

  2. um... if you need to get rid of a dresser, I've been scouring craigslist FOR-EV-ER for one and I'd be happy to take an unneeded one off your hands. just sayin...


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