You might be pregnant if...

If you try to calm a hysterical 2 year old by singing "You are my sunshine" and rocking her in the dark...and then start to get all choked up at the thought of someone taking one of your babies away.

Hormones, I tell ya what! The song did work, though. :)

Also a bit of random information: yesterday I had a piece of chocolate cake and laid down for a nap. Normally I sleep on my tummy and so far it hadn't caused too many problems. But yesterday when I laid down all I could feel was "flutter flutter flutter". I could hardly sleep because the baby was tickling me on the inside. I think she likes chocolate cake as much as I do. ;)

Got a call from preschool today that C was puking, so I went to get him about an hour earlier than usual. He puked all his lunch, and was just puking stomach acid the rest of the night. He can't even keep water down. If we all get sick I have no idea how i'm going to deal. Normally I have a pretty tough stomach but today as I was cleaning up his barf I almost lost my cookies. At least he puked in his bucket every time. It could have definitely been worse.


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    1. I wish I could get a deal like that! I do most of both. Ha! :)


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