Birthday party, etc.

I should really write more blogs, that way when I do write they don't have to be 80 million paragraphs long. Sorry! :)

Soooo last Saturday we had Miss M's birthday party. It was so fun! I had a really fun time picking out GIRL things, girl gifts, pink cake and frosting, and decorating. I tried the trick of filling a plastic baggie with frosting and cutting a corner and piping. It turned out really well actually and the cake was pretty cute.  It was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and then I made strawberry cupcakes with pink frosting and also used pink frosting to decorate the cake.

She got lots of dolls, doll accessories like a stroller, crib, and swing, doll clothes, clothes for herself (which were alll adorable).  We got her a bike helmet and a camping chair, and she loves both of them so I guess that's ok!  Fun and cake were had by all.  The little boys have been playing with the dolls too. It's as though there are no other toys in the house. C especially has his favorite doll, which is a baby Princess Tiana (from the Frog Princess or whatever it's called, the Disney movie).  The other day she had to get taken away because he was not treating her nicely, and when he got her back the next day he was running around saying "Oh Tiana, I missed you! I love you!" It was so hilarious!

So last Tuesday we signed our adoption homestudy. Monday I emailed our attorney to see if she had it...nope. She doesn't.  So I emailed our caseworker asking where it was, of course she hasn't responded. Grrrrr!  It is seriously so frustrating. I mean really, if she gives this stuff to the attorney and the attorney files the adoption, then the caseworker's job is over! She gets rid of our case! I would think that would be a HUGE factor in encouraging her to get it done.  Maybe she just doesn't care because we aren't that much work right now.


I've been meaning to write about this for a long time and I am pretty sure I haven't.  If I have, just skip this part. :)  One morning a few weeks ago when I got the C-Monster up for the day, he told me "There was a BIG SPIDER in my bed and that's why I was crying!"  Well, I hadn't heard him crying, and since his bedroom is pitch black I am pretty sure he couldn't have seen a spider in his bed. Also I vividly remember having my own spider-in-my-bed dreams when I was little.  Anyway, so I tried to explain to him that it was probably a dream and it wasn't real.  He had a hard time grasping the concept.  He thought that we all shared dreams, like I was able to see his dream too. Then he thought if he got in his bed the bad dream would come back.

So the day was uneventful, but that night he was really upset about having to go to bed because he didn't want any bad dreams.  He was crying and just about hysterical.  So, I offered to pray with him, and asked God to keep the bad dreams away and to help him get a good night's sleep.

Since then he has asked me to pray with him every night. Y and M have joined in, and C and Y say their own prayers.  We all kind of take turns.  We haven't really given them any guidance on how to pray, other than I guess just what they hear from us when we pray.  They normally start with a loooooong list of what they are thankful for. Usually this includes gummy bears, Spider Man, their teachers at pre-school, Mommy and Daddy, random things like new carpet (????), their brothers and sister, etc.  It is pretty adorable, I'm not gonna lie.


I finally was able to buy some maternity clothes.  I only looked at Target, and the selection was just not that good. I tried on like 15 things but a lot of them were just too low-cut.  I don't know what the deal is with maternity fashion but hello, I don't want everyone to see my cleavage!  Maybe it's supposed to be for breast feeding, I don't know.  I ended up buying 5 shirts which will get me by. It stinks because 2 friends have offered me clothes. One had all size medium, which I did borrow several things just in case, and one friend gave me 3 totes of maternity clothes but they are almost all size large.  I am a size small, which I realize might change but the shirts I bought I think should continue to grow with me and fit until the end.  Unless they get worn out! I looked for dresses too but the only dresses they had were pretty ugly.

Also my figure has gotten much more, ah...womanly? since I have been pregnant. I'm afraid if it gets much more womanly between that and my tummy I'm going to be walking around like the hunchback of Notre Dam.  I had to buy a bunch of new bras and I really hope they do stop growing. It's a little ridiculous. I still have a looong time left in this pregnancy.  Eeeck!

I'm up 10 pounds, will be 17 weeks tomorrow.  New numbers on the scale every day. I really am trying to eat pretty well, but I think I have come to the conclusion that my body is going to do what it needs to do and I'm just going to try to take care of myself the best I can, and whatever happens with weight gain happens!

I'm feeling the baby move a lot more. I'm still able to sleep on my tummy at night and I can feel her in there squirming around. I normally wake up on my side or back, so I don't think I sleep on my tummy for very long. I just fall asleep better that way.  I still only feel her if I'm lying down or sitting very, very still.  I can feel her right now actually! Ha ha!  And honestly I have had three boy dreams and only one girl dream, so it may be a boy. I think we are going to find out the sex at the ultrasound, I just really don't want to have only gender-neutral clothes. It's not like we have a bunch of baby clothes; the only clothes I have from Miss M or from Y are size 18 months and on up.  So until the baby can fit into 18 month clothes he or she will be in whatever clothes we buy or people give us.

So I think actually what we are going to do (back to the ultrasound) is have the tech write down the sex for us and put it in an envelope, then take it somewhere and have them make us a cake with either pink or blue on the inside, or else maybe cupcakes filled with pink or blue filling. Then at Thanksgiving with our families all find out together. Kind of dorky but I think it will be fun.  That's a ways away though.

Exciting times! :)


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