The two littelest have been very sick. Pretty much since Friday.  Sunday I stayed home with all 3 from church. Y was a zombie sitting on the couch for about 2 days straight, poor guy! Got them to the doctor on Monday.  Stayed home with all 3 Monday. Had to wake them up from their naps to get them to the doctor and Y started crying and said "When we get back from the doctor can we sleep some more???"

Then Y and M only stayed home all day on Tuesday. But on Tuesday I had to drive my husband around for his work for like 3 hours in the morning, so they came with us and coughed in their car seats (and slept!).  We got home, ate lunch, and they laid down for nap.

Then I had told a friend I'd watch her almost-2-year-old during her doctor appointment, and he came over during "nap" time. But would not nap.  I think developmentally he is a little "off", not a normal 2 year old by any means.  So I was basically chasing him around the entire time, he would not even acknowledge the sound of my voice, wouldn't let me hold him. He wasn't crying...just wandering.  Tried to lure him in with books, toys, Cheerios, movies, his very own little chair, a blankie...nothing.  Barely even made eye contact with me. So that was hard for me. I did manage to coax about 1/2 second of a smile out of him, but that was pretty much it. Towards the end he wanted me to hold him, but ONLY if I was standing up, and he wouldn't relax he was just being stiff in my arms. He weighs probably as much as Y does so that was a challenge, I couldn't hold him standing up for more than a few minutes but if I sat down he immediately got up and went back to wandering around.  He was there for like 2.5 hours, then by the time he left my kids were waking up.  Then it was a cacophony of coughing, "deed bow dose!" (need blow nose, from Miss M), etc. I swear the rest of the night I didn't sit down for more than 5 consecutive minutes. Same thing all day on Monday with the getting up every 30 seconds to do something for somebody else.

Today I feel like a zombie myself. I sent them to preschool and am crossing my fingers that they get to stay. They've been on antibiotics, noses are cleared up for the most part, and they are still coughing some but not as much I don't think.  Pretty sure at this point they shouldn't be contagious.  It's so frustrating that they get sick when they go to preschool and then they have to stay home. It's like a catch-22. M gets every sickness that even thinks about walking in the door and it always, always turns into a cough. I'm sure this is at least partially from exposure to cigarettes in utero and also when she was living with her bio mom 3 nights a week for months on end. Even when the kids would come home from a 2 hour visits they would reek of smoke so I can't imagine what it must have been like after being there for half of a week!  I hope she doesn't have asthma or something when she gets older.

Then this morning we all woke up early so that my husband and I could go sign adoption paperwork.  Woot woot! The paralegel still sounds very confident that December 1 will be the day, they are filing the paperwork today! It was weird (but exciting!) seeing all the kids' new full names in print. :)

I think today I am going to be taking a nap. Mmmmhhhmmmm!


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