Better! and adoption update

Well after puking up the first thing he ate this morning, the C monster has not puked again today! I felt so bad, I was just letting him eat little bits of food at a time and then waiting to see if he could keep it down or not. He was STARVING, which I can't blame him, he hadn't been able to keep anything down since breakfast yesterday. Every 5 minutes he would ask "Can I eat some more now?" I think he is finally full. :)

Anyway, we watched Sesame Street and Dino Train all morning, and this afternoon I am trying to get some work done while he is playing in the basement play room next to my office. He is talking, talking, talking...I'm not sure if he thinks he is talking to me or what, but the poor child is not used to having nobody to play with and I think he kind of doesn't know what to do with himself. So he is just running his mouth, singing random snatches of songs, just generally making noise. It's kind of hilarious. Y and M might have to get picked up early from preschool today so that the poor child can have something to do.

So far so good on nobody else barfing. I felt pretty queasy yesterday but probably just from dealing with barf. Ew.


Our agency worker came over today to have us sign our adoption home study, so that will go to our caseworker and then to our adoption attorney. As far as I understand it this is the LAST thing that our attorney needs to file the adoption stuff with the courthouse. As long as she can get it filed by November 1, then I think we are set up for a December 1 adoption date! Woot woot! We will wait and see I guess.


I am freaking out a little bit about not being able to really plan anything for our adoption party but I suppose it can wait another few weeks. I just feel like time is flying. Husband and I are going to Florida in November for a wedding for 4 days sans kids (which I am SO excited about), so there will be a flurry of activity trying to get us packed and the kids packed and off to where they are going for respite, not to mention the craziness once we get back trying to catch up on everything (aka LAUNDRY), and it's just a little overwhelming is all. And it is so silly but I'm worried about finding a cute dress that will fit me. And I can't really pick anything out until it gets closer because I don't know how big I will be by then.

It's a petty thing to worry about but just one more thing to think about I guess. It's hard to think about trying to look pretty when you really just mostly feel fat and like you don't fit into your own skin anymore. Not having a pity party here, it's just the truth! I'm "showing" I think, but I still think I mostly just look a little fat. Up 8 pounds as of this morning's weigh in. I'm not even eating like crazy anymore like I was at first so I don't know how I keep gaining weight.

As a side note, this week I am going to go and buy myself some new clothes and some new other things that don't fit anymore *ahem*. I'm pretty excited about spoiling myself a little bit because I think I deserve it! Thank goodness I have a TON of money saved up in my personal blow budget!


  1. I think you are sounding about right where you should be. I would guess you are gaining baby and not weight. Find something designed to show off whatever bump you have. That's what I did. If we try to hide the bump we look fat, but if we flaunt the bump we look preggers, which is always the better way to go ;)


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