I guess I can go ahead and write another blog.  :)

We are working as a family on being more thankful.  So at dinner (sometimes, not every night) we just go around the table and all of us say something we are thankful for.  It all started because the little boys every single day ask "Can we go to Adventure Land? Can we go to Lost in Fun? Can we go to Granna's house? Can we go to ______?" Then if we are just staying home, they are "Why? But I LIKE to go to _____! Why can't we go there?"  I just don't feel like we need to do awesome things every single day.  And it really bugs me that every single day they ask to go do stuff and act like it's the end of the world like we NEVER do fun things. I'd say we do something fun on at least a weekly basis, either going to the zoo, the museum, park, or any of the above mentioned places.  So, let's try being thankful that you have all these great toys to play with at home, and that we can ride bikes outside, and hang out with Mommy and Daddy, you know?

Anyway.  So two nights ago we did our thankfulness rounds, and when we got to D he said something like "Oh man, how am I going to say this...I am thankful for you two (me and my husband) even though I don't like you as much as I would...should." It was something like that.  This was after we had a conversation about how he randomly decided he didn't want to go to football practice so he just didn't go and rode home on the bus, without letting us know that he was coming home.  And we had basically told him that's not acceptable, and he threw all kinds of excuses at us. Brian did a great job of handeling D, I was starting to get irritated ugh I hate excuses!

So that was nice of him to say, right? I feel like things with him are going really well with him.  I know he is talking to his bio mom on FB, and she randomly takes pictures of herself and tags him in them so I guess we know she's still alive which is good! She still hasn't tried to see the kids at this point I'm wondering if she'll wait until Christmas.  I wonder if she'll have the guts to contact us or not.  But anyway, D is loving his new school and his teachers. I'm not sure how he's doing grade wise, but I haven't gotten any bad phone calls from teachers or anything so I take that as a good sign!

I forgot about the C-monster's therapy today...the therapist just called me, I was supposed to be there 30 minutse ago! Whoops.  So we'll try again on Friday and hopefully I can actually remember, right?

The employee we hired decided to quit and go to school full time to pursue a career in social work.  So that is exciting for him, but kind of a bummer for us because he was a great employee.  His last day is Friday.  This semester of class is almost over for me, so I'll be able to step up and fill in some of the space he is leaving. I'm taking yet another break from school because of finances; we have some big things coming down the pike which we aren't sure how much will cost so we are playing it safe for now.

Speaking of big things, I'm hoping next week I'll have some awesome news to share with you guys but I guess we'll just have to see!    You will have to wait but I'm sure the waiting is not nearly as hard for you as it is for me. :)


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