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Not much is going on, really.  Our new caseworker lady still hasn't come to visit. She asked if she could come at 5:15 on Thursday, but I told her D will be at football practice and I have to leave to get him at 5:30 so that wouldn't really be the best time (I had already told her that during the week only after 7 p.m. would work for us due to his schedule...I guess she didn't read THAT part of the email).  She has not responded. Not that I'm surprised, I haven't heard from her even one time (other than "Can I come Thursday at 5:15?") since she took over the case. If our adoption is delayed I am going to be one angry pregnant lady! Nobody wants to see that, right?

I have entered what I think is the nesting phase.  Today I cleaned out our kitchen drawers and labeled and alphabetized our spices. We previously had 3 different spots where we stored them; now we have only one. Yay!  I also found that we have at least 4 or 5 different spices that we had more than one of...probably because we could never find what we were looking for so just assumed we were out.  I also did some organizing in our pantry and some cleaning and some working of course.  And laundry. I feel like I do multiple loads of laundry every day. But maybe that's just in my head.

So I think soon I am going to start boxing stuff up for our move. I know it sounds crazy, but here is my logic: Get as much of the stuff we don't need on a day-to-day basis boxed up, then when our house goes on the market we can put all those boxes and stuff into a storage unit (or somebody's basement...anyone?) to make our house look bigger and less cluttered, right? And if I do it now, then that means I don't have to do it when I am, say, 8 months pregnant, or a month after pushing a cantaloupe out my you know what.  Neither of those options sounds particularly appealing.

The little boys are having a difficult time with lying.  I am so tired of them lying, I really am. I can't trust either one of them right now because they will lie about stuff.  Even when I catch them in a lie and I KNOW for a fact they are lying to me it still takes them a loooong time in think time until they finally admit that they are lying. I really hope it's just a phase.

D has a girlfriend. She lives on our street.  We only know this because we snooped on his Facebook (hey, we're his parents, and I am totally OK with snooping in the interest of safety and good decision making). He has failed to mention this girlfriend to us yet.  I really dislike the idea of him having a girlfriend that lives so close that he hasn't told us about.  It feels like he is hiding something from us.  It doesn't help that we found a message to her that said "Hey, do you want to go for a walk?" No way he would have asked us if he could go on a walk with her, so he would have had to do it behind our backs.

He thinks having kids as a teenager is perfectly normal and fine and maybe even good.  Heck, everyone in his bio family does it, right?  I think, though, that he doesn't see the fall out from that and how much it can alter his life.  I don't think he sees the history of CPS intervention as anything other than normal.  I just very much want him to make good choices and make it through maybe the next, I don't know, at least 9 years before knocking some girl up.  Unless he gets married before then, in which case any knocking up would be fine.  I know, high hopes right?  I just want so badly for him to be able to learn things the easy way instead of the hard way. I know it doesn't work that way all the time. Heck, it didn't work like that for me. But I want to save him from feeling the pain that I have felt and from making the same mistakes.

Being a parent is hard!


  1. Sounds to me like the pregnancy could not have come at a better time for D- talk about fantastic modeling of how things are SUPPOSE to be as far as being married and having kids and the parents taking care of the child (vs another child taking care of the baby).


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