Not me Monday, except it's Tuesday

So yesterday my husband had a class at church, thus I was on my own for the evening with the children. For dinner I made pancakes, and a mish-mash thing of scrambled eggs and sausage and onions, which turned out very well despite the fact that I had no recipe and was flying by the seat of my pants. (Side note: My inspiration for the egg/sausage/onion dish was the fact that D made dinner on Sunday, and we had green bean casserole, and one of the ingredients of course was French's french fried onions, and he apparently thought that meant that he should chop an onion, so he did, then when Brian showed him the err of his ways, he stuck the onion in a baggie and put it in the fridge, and it stank so bad I couldn't even stand it. So I used it with dinner last night.)

When you are cooking all these things at once it's a little crazy as I'm sure you know. Whilst I was flipping pancakes I heard the *stomp stomp stomp stomp* of a child running down the hallway, and Y shouting "My pee is coming out!"  I could hear him in the bathroom, and he is perfectly capable of going by himself, so I just continued cooking.

After dinner C went to the bathroom, and informed me "There is water on the rug in the bathroom." Hmmm...I'm thinking it's probably not water. I asked him if he peed on the floor, he said no.  I went back to have a look and yeah, for sure a huuuge puddle on the floor.  So I asked the second most likely culprit, Y, if he had peed on the floor.

"Yes, I did pee on the floor", he says calmly.  I asked if he peed on his pants also. "Yes, I did pee on my pants and my underwear too." So for the last hour he's been running around in pee-pants and pee underwear, and there was a huge puddle of pee on the rug in the bathroom. *sigh*  I told him that he needs to tell someone if he pees on the floor! Sheesh! The child has been potty trained for a year now, you'd think he would know the drill. I'm guessing he just didn't want to take the time to clean it up (which I did make him do, by the way!).  Can't blame him too much for that, I'd rather play than clean any day. :)  So I had him load up the washing machine with the rug and other stuff that had pee on it, and he had to have a bath, and then he had a huge fit when I told him it was time to get jammies on (it was like 7:30 p.m. by this time).

This is why life is just so much better when my husband is around, folks!  I couldn't do it without him on a daily basis, heck I can barely do it without him for one night!  Any of you ladies out there that are single I give you huge enormous props.


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