Heard the heart beat today on the doppler. I can't even tell you how happy and relieved I am - it's so comforting to know that everything is OK!  My midwife said she could hear the baby kicking in there too. We didn't get to listen very long because as soon as I heard the heartbeat I was just so happy I started laughing and of course the doppler moved when I did that. :)  Next appointment is not for a month so I will have to be patient - it seems like such a long time!


Thank you all so much for your kind words and encouragement!

Now back to our normally scheduled broadcast:

I just bought all 3 of the little kids' winter outfits including coats, hats, shoes, and clothes. And it was expensive. But I am so thankful that they don't care that I buy used stuff. When they get to be teenagers buying new clothes is going to be a train wreck...yikes!  And I bought all 4 of the little ones (including tiny baby!) new Husker outfits at their dad's request.


  1. Yeah for heart beat! All of my baby updates are follwed by kid/adoption updates too! So exciting!

  2. Congratulations! Sending lots of good thoughts your way!


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