Dear caseworker lady

...Please get the stuff to our adoption attorney so that we can get this thing finalized before the end of the year! Please!  I think we have waited long enough!

Apparently our attorney is stilllll waiting for caseworker lady to send her stuff regarding their efforts to find D's dad.  It is hard to be so helpless to do anything, all I can do is keep checking to see if it's done yet.  We are still shooting for December 1 but our attorney said in order for that to happen she needs to file no later than November 1, and it sounds like she needs a lot of time to get all the paperwork and whatnot filled out. Ugh.


  1. I closed on our home very quickly one time because I called everybody involved and kept making sure they had checked the next item off their lists. It's too bad we can't do that with this system.


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