Feeling human

I'm 11 weeks and a few days, and starting to feel human again. Like, I still sleep 9 hours a night and also take naps during the day (ok ONE nap, that's it!), but the rest of the time I'm awake I actually feel capable of accomplishing something, instead of just dragging myself around like a pitiful lump of human being and trying to do the bare minimum to get by. This week I might even (wait for it!)....sweep and mop the kitchen floor! Scrub my kitchen sink! Oh, the joy!

It's also my last week of school. Not sure that I've mentioned it, but basically we never bought the maternity rider on our health insurance so we are paying cash for this baby.  Since we are self employed we pay our premiums 100% out of pocket and have a $5,000 deductible per person.  But since we don't have maternity coverage we are paying cash for the whole thing, so no more school for me until ...well, until I don't know when. Definitely not probably for another year until we are in our new and improved home and baby is paid for.  But the good news is we have an HSA, and we have already contributed our maximum to it for this year and we plan to have the maximum for 2013 to deposit in January, and we already had a fair amount of money in there anyway because we rarely get sick.  So we should be OK. Also our insurance will cover if there are any complications, which is a huge blessing because if the baby was born early, or I have to have an emergency C section or anything crazy like that the bills could get HUGE.  Once the baby is born too then she will be added right on to our insurance so anything she needs will be covered.

Yesterday DH took D to his very first Husker's game! They were gone for like 7 hours.  Miss Sassy Pants (aka Miss M)'s old foster mom came and picked her up to take her to the zoo. During this time of having only 2 children I thought I'd go to the grocery store...but the C monster was out in full force and having tantrums out the wazoo about every.stinking.thing.  So we just stayed home and watched Dino Train. Yeah, we watched like 3 episodes and I am not ashamed! Y was super disappointed that we didn't get to go yesterday, so today I took just him after nap time today by himself. We were gone for probably a good 2.5 hours going to different stores to get good deals.  Basically we are trying to cut back on our food budget and try to spend roughly $150 a week...this includes not only food but also any grocery store stuff like toilet paper, diapers, soap, etc.  It hasn't been too bad so far, I feel like we are doing well. Today I kept it at right around $130 and should be able to feed us for a week and a day, maybe more if we can stretch and have leftovers. Yay for leftovers!  We've been trying to eat more cheap foods like potatoes, rice, and veggies to make the meat stretch a little further. D hasn't been real happy about it but nobody else seems to mind.

I pretty much love hanging out one on one with any of the kids.  It is so hectic with all of them, I'm not going to lie. I feel like I walk into a room and it's all "Mommy? Mommy! Blah blah blah? I like you! Senseless question that I already know the answer to but I just like to talk? Screeaaaammmm because you aren't responding right away because 50 questions are being thrown at you!" It's sweet but sometimes I feel like my brain is going to explode. It doesn't help that if you don't respond RIGHT AWAY the questions just get repeated over, and over, and over, even if you are talking to a different child.  And now that all of them can talk there are just not too many moments of peace when we are all together.  Which is OK; it's just a nice change to get them one on one. Especially introverted Y. He's just a completely different kid when he is not getting outshined by his talkative brother and sassy sister!

We have started putting Miss M in time outs the last few weeks. I think it is going pretty well. The first few times were not fun at all, but once she realized she needs to be quiet in order to get out of time out she really has shaped up. Now, she still pretty much has to sit in time out for the same things every day, but small steps right?  The number one thing I put her in time out for is when she yells "Uh!" to me, or "NO!" to me when.  Not really sure how to convey how our conversations go down, but suffice to say the way she is talking to me is extremely rude.  I really hope she grows out of this little attitude of hers.

Oh and also the case has been moved to a "permanency" caseworker, who just happens to be the very first caseworker that we had when we first got the boys back in 2010.  So that will be kind of nice.  I remember the day she called me about the kids she asked us to consider adoption...what a roller coaster it has been since then!  She is going to come over this Thursday I think so maybe we'll get some answers on what is going on at that time.


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