Quick update

Court was...odd.  I guess bio dad showed up and saw that his attorney had like 3 reams of documents. BD asked his attorney what all that was for, to which the attorney responded "it's for your trial!"  "My trial? I don't want a trial!"

So, there wasn't a trial! Instead basically what they did is take aaalllll the paper work ever, court reports, emails including at least one from me, police reports, a recorded phone call, etc etc etc and submit them as evidence under the stipulation that if all the people who wrote those reports came to testify, that their testimony would agree with what is in the reports. So it took about an hour and a half (most of which was spent organizing and shuffling all the papers!), and I didn't have to testify.  So now the judge has the not-so-desirable job of reviewing the evidence submitted and making a ruling on whether rights should be terminated or not.

So it was a pretty interesting morning.  I was glad to not have to testify. I know that not having to do testimony saved a ton of time; according to the screen they had the judge's entire day marked off for this case!  Everybody that has ever been the caseworker in this case was there to testify, but since it didn't come to that they all got to go home. We could have gone home too but just wanted to stay so we'd know what had happened.

Bio dad also made a statement to the court. It sent shivers down my spine, he just seems to be so manipulative and he doesn't even see what kind of person he is.  It made me a little scared for our kids for when they get older and start wondering about their dad, or when they are 18 and decide to go meet him.  I think we are going to write everything down that we know about him, and I hope when they get old enough we can talk candidly to them about the kind of man that he is and I will pray they never become entrapped or deceived by him.

I guess bio mom went to jail, and the only person she called from there was bio dad.  That makes me very sad and makes me wonder if she has decided to start using again.  And it makes me sad that of all the people in the world, he was the only one she felt she could turn to.  Their relationship is toxic, it's one of the main reasons the kids ended up in care, and yet here things are.

So anyway, we might have a ruling by the end of the day if the judge can get through everything.  I guess that's kind of good he had the whole day blocked out for this case! :) So I guess we will just wait and see.  Thank you all for your prayers!


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