Y is puking like nobody's business. I wrote this really great poem about it, after he went to bed and had some time to de-escalate myself:

How many places can barf be? Let me count the ways!
On the couch, on the floor,
in an open dresser drawer,
The side of the tub,
On two different rugs.
Lots of laundry, disinfectant,
I am quite expectant
That I shall be up throughout this night
Cleaning and checking to make sure all is alright
Oh vomit how I hate thee,
Please come around no more!

This child can projectile vomit like nobody's business. Then it didn't help that he kept thinking he needed to poop, when actually he needed to puke...he was prepared for pooping but not so much for puking. Mhhhm. He was trying to get a new shirt out of his drawer and puked in the drawer, all down the front of the dresser, on the rug, just everywhere. One time out of the 8 or so that he puked he did make it to the trash can. I so appreciated that and gave him major props.

M was puking the other night and I had to pick the vomit out of her hair with my fingers. Yet another reason why having boys is easier - I keep their hair short and it is easy to clean! *shudder* Now she has diarrhea and randomly exploding diapers. It's quite awful.

So we have a fun-filled weekend ahead. Just pray that no body else gets it...2 out of six people puking and pooping is quite enough. :)


  1. might the past two posts be related- ie M's behavior and her being sick?
    Also, having had a child with regular 6-8 hr puking episodes you have my sincere empathy!

    1. You make a good point about the behavior followed by the icky sickness! I hadn't thought about that. :)

  2. My mom always gave us old, empty ice cream buckets to carry around when we didn't feel well. That way we had some place to throw up no matter where we were at the time. Also comes in handy when puking and pooping are happening at the same time! Take care!

    1. My mom did the same thing! I wised up on the bucket idea after the first couple times he puked...sadly, several times he hasn't had his bucket handy. He has already puked this morning and made it in the bucket (yay) and is now carrying it around 24/7 which I am thankful for. Hopefully there will be less laundry today! Good thing too because I am still behind from yesterday's.

  3. We did the bucket thing when I was little too. One of my clues that X is getting sick is his behavior also. He gets really crabby!


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