Happy 4th!

This is really not about the 4th of July. But I just needed a title. :)

D started a "real" job. He is detasseling. For those of you not from corn country, basically that means going through a field and pulling off the tops of some corn plants so that it can be pollinated by a different kind of corn. Corn is pollinated when the tassel bits come down and touch the silks of the ears. Neat right? Well anyway, it is going OK I guess, except that he has missed the last 2 days of work. Monday may have been my fault, we got to the place where the bus picks him up at 4:59 and apparently the bus was already gone (it is supposed to leave at 5:00 a.m.). Then this morning my husband got him there at 4:50 and the bus was also gone. Or so D said. I think they might have just gotten there before everybody else. But hey, what do I know.

Bio mom is getting another chance to relinquish. It is supposed to be this Monday at 2 p.m. So we will see if that actually happens or not. Not holding my breath.

Bio dad is still having visits, 2 hours per week. I keep forgetting about the visits, which I do feel badly about. Last week he asked the visitation worker to ask me if I could start potty training M. That man drives me crazy! In possibly 3 or 4 weeks he might not even have parental rights at all, and he is worried about his 20-month-old daughter being potty trained? Really?? I told the worker that he is sure free to work with M on potty training during their visits. :) :) :)

So the sleep thing is a little better I think. One thing we are trying is just putting them to bed earlier - then even if they dork around for an hour they still end up getting to sleep earlier than they would otherwise. Also we are doing the "practicing" thing that one of you suggested. Practicing being quiet during play time is no fun! C sometimes has to practice being quiet because his volume seems to either be YELLING or nothing, so having Y practice being quiet fits with our parenting philosophy. I will just be so thankful once we can find a bigger house. Of course then there will be more cleaning, so it's a trade off I suppose.

Y got a bunch of outdoors-y type stuff for his birthday. Today we played outside for like 2.5 hours and he caught a few bugs. One was a big spider, and I was afraid. *shudder* Also I let them play in dirt and make "ice cream" out of grass. Only M sampled it, and she didn't care for it. Yeah.

Also when I took their laundry out of the dryer, there was a disposable diaper in there. Seriously. Somehow it made it through the entire wash and dry cycle without exploding. This is why Super Saver brand diapers are the best!

In the spirit of Not-Me-Monday, just want to let everyone know that last Saturday we had friends over, and the kids did not get out of their pajamas until 4:30 p.m., and then only because our friends were coming over at 5. So if there were any doubts on whether I have it all together or not I think we know the answer. :)

Also, C has not taken a nap yet, neither has M. And it is almost 2 p.m. (they've been down since 12:00) and we were hoping to maaayyybbeeee possibly do something fun tonight, since it is the 4th and all. Yeah, it's gonna be a good day. Right????


  1. I really was truly grateful when Liv did not NEED naps anymore. Here I am doing naps again. Your last paragraph just made me laugh. Everyday its fingers crossed isn't it?! Hope you had a good 4th :)


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