Hearing and a bunch of random stuff

So the hearing for the little one's bio dad is Friday the 27th at 8 a.m. We have been asked to testify, I think it will be pretty straightforward stuff so I'm not too nervous. Of course I have a week to work up my nervousness so I guess we'll see. :) I really can't believe it is finally going to happen!

Took all 3 littles to the dentist this morning. First of all, they weren't even supposed to go today. They should have gone Monday, but since they were sick all weekend I rescheduled. I *thought* I rescheduled for today...no, it was actually next Thursday. ???? How does that even happen? But our dentist(s) were awesome and squeezed them all in! It was wonderful. Also a few days ago Y had his annual check up, he was right at 50% for height and 40% for weight. I don't know why but to me he always seems so small compared to his friends his age! But apparently he is pretty close to average.

Meanwhile in the next month we have: follow up appt with poop doctor for C, follow up with ear doctor for M, follow up with heart doctor for D, plus annual check up and dentist appointments for D. So needless to say, after August is over I'm hoping that we can avoid doctor visits for a while. :)

D's last day of detasseling was today - yay! I'm looking forward to NOT getting up at 4:30 a.m. in the morning. Oh yeah!

I think I could probably survive on tortilla chips and Diet Mountain Dew. Seriously.

Now for some "not me" type moments:

I was in the kitchen and heard Miss M start whining (that "fake cry" where she just wants my attention, not because she is actually hurt or anything). She pointed at her big brother with a frown on her face and said his name in a scolding voice.

Me: C, what happened?
C: Um, M and Y were yelling, and so I just crashed their heads together.

Seriously? Where does he come up with this stuff! Also I kind of felt like the worst parent in the world because as soon as he walked out of the room to go to time out I *may* have burst into laughter.

And speaking of being the worst parent in the world, C also was playing with one of M's little purses. It's a small purse, with a small handle. I think he was maybe trying to wear the purse like I wear mine, across my body. He did manage to get it on like that, but then got stuck and couldn't get it off. So there was my tall, lanky 4-year-old son stuck in a little pink plaid purse with his arm sticking straight up in the air...I just couldn't keep myself from laughing, leaving my husband in the position of "purse removal coach" so hopefully next time he does that he can get out of it himself.

It's 9:15 p.m., C is in the bedroom saying "oh yeah, oh yeah, grab your knees" or something like that, some kind of a song? I am not really sure. Earlier he was roaring like an extremely loud lion, I seriously went in there and told him I don't care if they want to practice tomorrow since they enjoy it so much, but they need to talk quietly! He has about 2 hours (and counting) of practicing ahead of him tomorrow...he practiced being quiet for an hour this afternoon/evening. He also practiced for an hour yesterday. I think tomorrow once he is done practicing I'm going to have him run laps around the garden. Seriously, I'm ready for bed so how is it that he seems to be so full of energy? I think he is over-tired from last night's late night and this morning's early morning. He had several melt-downs today, I think because he was just tired...GO TO SLEEP! Bad boy! Of course he is keeping his brother up too. M is in our room fast asleep...my husband forgot she was in there, and he went in the room and turned on his light to get something out of his dresser and she didn't even stir. :)

Y told me that his teacher told him he could only sing "the bad song" at home. I asked him what the bad song was. He told me it was "Lady GaGa what are you doing? Lady GaGa what are you doing?" ? No idea where that came from...we don't listen to Lady GaGa in this house folks! I did tell him to just not sing it at all...who knows if there are other words or ideas that his friends at preschool add! Yikes!

M has been asking to get her diaper changed when she pees in it. She says "Poopy!" and grabs the front of her diaper. Not poop, but close I guess. :) So tomorrow, if I can remember, I am going to try to start putting her on the potty regularly. Maybe we can get rid of diapers sooner than we thought! I'd rather strike while the iron's hot than have her be like C, who at the age of nearly 3 and being potty trained against his will would tearfully say "I just want to go pee in my diaper!"


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