Another update!

Here is some random information.

Last night when I put the little boys to bed, I read them their toddler Bible. We just so happened to read the story of Zacchaeus. Then I had the brilliant idea to teach them the song, so we sang it...then we sang it again...then we sang it again...and finally I just had to say "OK it's bed time now!" So tonight when my husband was putting the boys to bed, they started crying because they wanted to sing the song! So I guess Zacchaeus Was a Wee Little Man is our new bedtime song. :o) Those boys are so silly!

My husband and I went to a class called MANDT on Saturday. Basically it is about de-escalation and how to deal with crises (like behavioral ones, not like an emergency or something like that). It was super enlightening and just pretty much awesome. We should have taken it a long time ago! It was a 7 hour class so my brain was a little fried once it was over, but I feel like we took a lot away from it.

A few days ago, all five of us were eating breakfast together. This rarely happens because we all eat whenever we wake up, which is usually at all different times. Anyway, C finished his breakfast and was just sitting there. I asked him if he was all done, and he said "I wanna tell Bwian!" Then after that he was sitting on the potty (poop time!). Normally after he is done pooping he starts yelling "I'M DONE! I'M DONE!!!!!!" until somebody comes and wipes his butt. He was being very quiet, so I poked my head in and asked if he was done, and he said "I wanna show Bwian!" It was really sweet (maybe not so much if you were the one that he wanted to see his poop!). It just goes to show you how much these children need male approval in their lives and how important it is that they get it from someone who is worth looking up to!

Last night when the boys got home from their mom's C was totally falling apart. He actually tried to run away from me and go into the street, but thankfully I am much faster than he is. I asked him if he wanted to walk inside or be carried, and he tearfully said "Be carried!" When we got inside we had a little talk and I asked him if he was sad about leaving his mom's and he said yes. Then I used some of my MANDT training and said I was sorry he was sad and that I knew he was sad, but that I was happy that I got to see him! He brightened up and then I gave him his poop juice which is always a good distraction. Poor little guy! I am pretty sure he was court-ordered to begin individual therapy in June, and now it is August and it is not happening yet. So I'm a little confused about why this is not happening. AHEM.

Today the little ones were supposed to go on a visit with their dad. The worker showed up WAY early...and only had 2 car seats for 3 kids. The two carseats she had were both boosters, which kids need to be 40 pounds to use, and C is 30 pounds, Y is 25, and M is 18 and obviously should be rear-facing still. The worker was irritated, not sure if she was irritated with me for calling her out on this or irritated because the person that told her about this shift did not give her the correct information. Anyway, she was going to borrow all 3 of my car seats...but then she wasn't able to install them all in her car together. So M stayed with me and took a monster 1 hour 45 minute nap instead of a visit with her dad, and the two little boys went by themselves in the car seats that I provided. I tend to think the nap was in her best interest anyway but what do I know!

It's just frustrating. I mean, shouldn't the transport company know the general height/weight of all the little kids that require car seats? Not even so much for the kid's protection, but just for the company's protection? I shudder to think what could have happen if they got in a wreck and C and Y were just in boosters. Especially Y! I know these people transport a decent amount of children...but honestly it's the same kids on the same day every week, you would think they would keep information on file about the car seats that they require. Sheesh.


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